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The Mandolin Companion
Whilst the main pursuit of some musicians who play folk music appears to be based solely around speed, I am sure that there are many who are keen to develop their overall level of expertise. Those of us who were lucky enough to be able to attend workshops or lessons by the late Alison Stephens may well have received handout exercises for them to work on. Sadly, she was taken from us before these could be expanded and printed in book form. However, one of her students, Chris Acquavella, who is now an international mandolinist in his own right, has taken up Alison's project, and I am delighted to say that The Mandolin Companion has recently been published by Astute Music (check this company out on the web if you haven't come across it before) in both spiral bound and download form. It is designed to help mandolin players at all stages in their development, from beginner to advanced, and its 77 pages are crammed full of useful exercises, studies and excepts. I highly recommend it. Eric.
"Whilst the main pursuit of some musicians who play folk music appears to be based solely around speed".... I'm not sure if this is entirely correct, Eric, although I understand your concerns. Some of us are also a bit too obsessed about building up ever extensive repertoires too and sometimes "dabble" too much with other instruments...I'm looking in the mirror here... Wink

So, I agree that it's a good thing to work on skills and technique from time to time. I'll certainly check out the book. Thanks for posting the info...

Just downloaded a copy. Looks very interesting.

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