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Jim Reid Tunes
Good work, Nigel.

Friendly keys for the mandolin too which, as I hinted earlier, might not always be the case with musical notation from song sheets.... The melodies can be transposed, of course, according to taste and preference.
It was fortuitous to do The Wild Geese, because I'm doing a workshop next month with the theme of "Birds", and that song fits right in. I've got lots of tunes named after birds, so it's a case of whittling them down to the most suitable. There's a tune in Billy Jackson's St Mungo suite called "The Bird" (other tracks include "The Fish" and "The Bell". Quiz question: why?) which I quite like, but I'm not sure it's quite right for the workshop.
I guess The Desperate Battle of the Birds is out?...

Here's a somewhat more feasible one of mine:

T:The Bellbird
C:Jack Campin 1998
"Am"A2G    A2E|    cBc  A2G|"D"FAd "Am"EAc   |"Em"B>GF  E2G|
"Am"A2E "D"F2G|"Am"ABA  c2d|   cBA "D" FG/A/B|"Am"A>^GF A3:|
"C" e2e    c2d|    e=fe e2e|"G"B2c     d>BA  |"C" G>AF  E2G|
"Am"A2E "D"F2G|"Am"ABA  c2d|   cBA "D" FG/A/B|"Am"A>^GF A3:|

(I prefer that in G dorian but most people I run into find it harder that way).
YouTube will tell you what a bellbird really sounds like.  I had a Maori legend about it in mind.

Quote:Quiz question: why?

Where did the fish and the ring go?

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Thanks, Jack - nice tune!
another great Jim Reid tune, "The Spark in the Heather"

the one I could not remember last night

Been off forum a long time and just happened in on this! I do love the songs of Jim Reid (or his tunes to various poems to make them into songs.) "Vinny Den" is another beaut.
Would agree with Nigel's scores of "Noran Water" and "Norland Wind" (though I have to sing the latter in F to make the wide range of it, and not cheat by doing an octave leap somewhere in the song.)

As for the birds, "The Eagle's Whistle" is a great tune.

And I wrote a song about my favourite bird, The Puffin. Matt Armour also wrote one for puffins "Hear the puffins calling, on the Isle of May."

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