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Davidson The Luthier..Gavin Marwick

.pdf   Davidson-the-Luthier.pdf (Size: 300.38 KB / Downloads: 31)
I'm not sure if I posted a copy of this tune in the old site or not but it's a very nice tune for all instruments.

The setting I've posted is for the harp but sounds great on the mandolin too as most harp tunes do. It was obviously a fiddle tune originally, of course.
Better in D on the whistle.
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Although the tune appears to be in "G" with one sharp, from an accompanist's point of view it's more like "D" although not quite...I'll not get into a discussion about modes though.

I'm sure that's not what you meant though, Jack, as you'll be approaching it from a melody player's point of view and actually playing it on "D" scale whistle as with the two sharps.

I think the original fiddle version was in G(I'll have to check again) and it's easy enough to play on that and the mandolin. The harp is even less of an issue. Just a question of flicking(or not) an extra lever or two here and there.
Your problem is that whistles don't have a G string. It goes off the range, and also sits a bit too low to be effective.
07895 860 060
Nice tune: just played on the piano: definitely modal. The Am chord at the end of the A tune is a bit of a shock - but you can get used to the inevitable crunch!

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