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Sad News..... Angus R Grant
I wasn't sure where to post this on the site but under Scottish Music seems fair enough...

Sad news this morning that Angus Grant Junior of Shooglenifty fame passed away at the weekend at St Columba's Hospice after a short illness

A tribute on The Shoogles own site 

Deepest condolences to all his family, friends, and others who have been inspired by this fine musician.

Angus was one of my earliest  tutors at The Scots Music Group(Then known as The ALP) back in 1992. Thanks to him, I learned many great tunes, good advice, and a love and respect for the music which always be with me.
A huge loss to the world of music. He certainly was in the forefront of making the fiddle a "cool" instrument for young folk to play.
Since these earlier posts of the sad news, Hamish Napier has posted a score of, possibly, Angus's most famous tune, 250 to Vigo, on Facebook. he was suggesting that we should all be playing it, in memory of him. Managed to save it off FB and convert to pdf, so away and play it! (And remember it's a SLOW reel!) If you want to hear it, it's on Shooglenifty's iconic album , "Venus in Tweeds" as well as on Duncan Chisholm's "Farrar".

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.pdf   250 to Vigo.pdf (Size: 126.18 KB / Downloads: 11)
Already part of my repertoire although I've been playing it a lot more of late. Even before the sad news, I had revived it as I thought it sounded nice after Amy Geddes's "Andy's Saltire".    Iknow, I know, jigs and reels shouldn't really go together but it seems to work.

Not a fast reel, that's true, although it can still still be played at a steady pace if desired. I usually play it sort of "mid tempo"

The third part is quite tricky to play on the mandolin and fiddle but you can get there eventually.
It has been played at least twice this week: in Sarah Northcott's Tuesday SMG class, and again in a session last night, thanks to the score being available for those who did not know it already.
I note that there will be a special commemorative concert at Celtic Connections in Glasgow in January with Shooglenifty and guests: "A Night for Angus" on Saturday 21st Jan in the Royal Concert Hall.
The tune went through a fair bit of variation over the years, and I hope people don't take the attitude that any one score fixes it.
07895 860 060
No, I'm sure they won't. It was apparent from Friday night's playing that certain variations were in force, between those using the score and those who'd learned it elsewhere. Guess the same would apply to many other tunes.
Just found my cassette copy of Venus in Tweeds (1994), and notewise, Hamish's score of 250 to Vigo is pretty much what's played on the track, though with various intros, interludes etc.
As far as order of sections go:
Funky intro with electronic sounds and percussion
A B A B C D with a long pause followed interlude with various things going on, including whispering
A B pause
A B long pause........ don't have to play it like that!

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