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October 3rd
Today is the anniversary of The Battle of Glenlivat in 1594, when the Earl of Huntly defeated the Royal troops led by the Earl of Argyll.

"Glenlivat" can be found in Alexander Walker's collection of 1866.
"Glenlivet" is in Kerr's Merry Melodies, Book 1 (c1875), and has been recorded by Alison Kinnaird, The Whistlebinkies, and Ceolbeg.
"The Glenlivet" by James Scott Skinner is named after the whisky of the same name, and has been recorded by fiddlers Angus Cameron and J F Dickie, and under the name "Jimmy Lyon's Highland" by the Irish group Altan.
I know you did Tune of the week or month for quite a while, Nigel, and that was much appreciated. How about a new thread for "Tune of the Day" (not for one minute asking you to supply them all!) but for forum members to post any tune names, scores or audio clips associated with any particular events or anniversaries. So, today being October 6th, can I suggest the Jenny Lind Polka: Jenny Lind, Swedish singer and actress was born on this day in 1820. Perhaps not played as often in Scotland as in England, where it is a very favourite session tune. And the Children's hospital in Norwich is named after her.
Great idea, Trish!
I did try to start a new thread on this a day or 2 after your reply: but that was one of those that got hit by the "404 error", since when I've been a wee bit busy, but will try to start it soon!

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