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Beyond a Joke
I've come to the forum to see that 30 accounts are waiting for activation. Most, if not all, will be bogus. Most of them will be obvious: name doesn't match the user name, or the email address is blatant advertising. However, there are always some that are ambiguous, so to give them the benefit of the doubt, I search for them. Very often their email address comes up in "Stop Forum Spam", but not always. All in all, it's a pain. I didn't have the problem before because I insisted that everyone asked me to join the forum, but in the new forum, some people had problems logging in.

I'm going to try it out soon, to stop all this nonsense, so if you have any problems with the changes, please let me know.
It really must be a pain, Nigel. I have been watching the new "names" coming up in the members' list and note several of the genuine originals have already re-joined or are in the process of joining. Is there any way of using something like the Captcha facility to filter the spammers out before you have to deal with it, or is this not possible?

I'd hate to see the forum having to be dropped because of the mindless clowns who cause the problems.

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