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Tune of the Week #97: Maidens
Thanks, Al.
This is a beautiful tune. Should I use tremolo on the longer notes do you think?
(16-05-2020, 07:43 PM)aliceb Wrote: This is a beautiful tune. Should I use tremolo on the longer notes do you think?


Sorry for slow answer, not a lot of activity in this Forum at present.

To  try to answer your question, I do not think there is a right way to play a tune. Its your interpretation and in the style you like to play, if you like to add  tremolo  and you are happy with the result then go for it.  I have a friend John who plays mostly Scottish/Irish songs  called the Midges Ceilidh Band and he plays tremolo all the time, It sounds great but I am not convinced that I would play everything with tremolo.
Here is his take on Dumbarton Drums

I would also say if you are looking for ideas on playing then I would look on Youtube for John Kelly and Celtic mandolins and listen to his playing, and his interpretations of Scottish music, it is very inspiring. John post here quite often and on "Song of the Week" Forum in the Mandolin Cafe, yet another place to get inspired.

Hi Aliceb. Since Alcluith is mentioning me in his reply (thanks for your very kind words, Drew), let me add my tuppenceworth to your question. You can hold the longer notes if you think this is the sound you want, and I generally tend to do this, especially as I play a lot of the music on octave mandolin which has much better sustain. Rather than tremolo I suggest trying to play triplets on the longer notes, and this will let you maintain your rhythm more easily. Have a listen to Dagger Gordon's playing of Scottish tunes and you will hear him playing repeat notes where there are long notes - not fast enough for tremolo but certainly adding some fine ornamentation and maintaining the rhythm.
Another very fine Scottish player is Kevin Macleod, who plays with The Occasionals and also does a lot of solo playing.
Feel free to PM me if you think I can offer you any help.
John (Kelly)

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