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Roses of No Man's Land (Blair Douglas)
Roses of No Man's Land

This tune is marked as a "Slow Air".  Could someone tell me what speed that should be in BPM  I am playing it at 100 bpm but I think that is probably too fast.  (although I think it sounds quite good at that speed)
Hello, Drifter. I have not found a recording of this tune, but have had a look at the music on Nigel's site here and I would suggest a speed of about 80, but it is a variable thing and you will no doubt get other suggestions as to the best speed. You have the right idea when you say it sounds quite good at your chosen 100 bpm. Try a few and then decide which is your personal choice!
Hi John,  Thanks for your reply and your suggested speed of 80 bmp is about correct.  I found a recording of the tune here:  Which I think as about 85 bpm.
I did also look up slow airs on google and they came up with speeds of between 40 and 50 bpm!  It was much easier to play a 50bpm  so made a recording at that speed.
I also liked the tune The Northern Lass and managed to find the music for it.

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