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Tune suggestion/recommendation
Whilst browsing around I came across a selection of fiddle tunes, many of which seem to have a Scottish heritage or influence, one of which particularly took my fancy.

You might care to check out "The Grey Widow's Song" included at (about half-way down in the "G"'s).

Nice and slow, so suits my skill levels admirably, but with sufficient "flavour" to make it interesting to play Smile

I've included a link instead of a listing just in case of any copyright issues - enjoy !
This is an excellent resource, kypfer. So much material here and very eclectic mix too. Thanks for link. We have had Amy Geddes (one of the fiddlers mentioned on the site) up here in Cowal to run workshops for us over the years, both with Cowal Fiddle workshop and with the Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop (at Strachur). Amy is an excellent tutor as well as a first-rate player.
A very good resource and also an excellent organisation for people in The Borders wishing to further their interest in traditional music. Very welcoming too and you can "drop in"  when you are down there without any fuss.

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