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Tune books
Two new tunebooks arrived this morning within minutes of each other, coincidentally. 

The first - A MacCrimmon Collection - is a collection of pipe music compiled by Iain and Calum MacCrimmon, and consists of mostly recent compositions not only by the MacCrimmons, but by the likes of Fin Moore, John Somerville, James Duncan Mackenzie, Duncan Chisholm and more. 

The second - The Aberdeen Collection - is a large collection (250 tunes) of contemporary* tunes by musicians with a connection to the city in question. I found out about it from JAJ, so thanks for that, JAJ.

Both books are presented beautifully, and while I haven't played through any of the tunes yet, I'm looking forward to that with great anticipation. I'll let you know my thoughts when the tunes have marinaded a bit.

* = Well, if you count Hector MacAndrew and James Scott Skinner as contemporary!
No problem. That was in the "modes discussion" elsewhere...  :-)

Lots of good tunes there. Maybe you could give us an opinion re the "formatting changes" and whether or not you think this was useful?

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