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Bonnie Kate of Edinburgh
Music 2 
Bonnie Kate of Edinburgh

[Image: dKME3Sb.jpg]

A lovely tune which can be found in McGibbon's Collection  (1742) and Oswald's Caledonoan Pocket Companion Vol.5 (1745). In one of my classes I'm doing a mini project on tunes with an Edinburgh connection. This is one of them.
Nice tune.
Not a fast reel I'd have thought and, maybe, even meant to be played as an air? Please confirm.

When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be a version of "The Bonny Lass of Fisherrow" which is also known as "Bonny Kate" but I see it's a different tune.
Yes, JAJ, I would play it slowly, as an air. I have written a harmony for it. I'll have a look and see if it's worth posting.
Thanks, Nigel.

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