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The Last Waltz
I am posting this one primarily for John Kelly, to ask him a really big favour.

My Wife's grandfather died when she was only seven but remembers that he regularly played piano at family gatherings.  After her mother's death we discovered some old  hand written music books including some original tunes and words written by him.

I have tried to transfer a couple into mandolin tabs and I have attached my attempt at his tune "The Last Waltz" which we believe was written by him for his wife about when the first met.   He also wrote an alternative to Loch Lomond for a newspaper competition which he came in second, not bad for a Geordie. ( I have attached this as well, just for interest) as I feel both are very much in the style of the time written around late 20s early 30s and would welcome your thoughts. 

My request for John is would you consider playing this for my wife, on your YouTube channel to allow her to heard it properly rather than my poor attempts? 


Drew Davidson

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