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Cruden Bay
(17-07-2017, 04:53 PM)John Kelly Wrote: Hello, Alcluith, I do not have TAB as I don't work with TAB format, but here is a pdf of the tune; you can maybe convert it yourself.   It is a really catchy wee tune and I contacted Amy (the composer) for her permission before I put it on YouTube.  She was quite happy for me to do this as I had originally got the tune from her at one of her excellent mixed workshops.



Thank you for sharing this and I do not play in public so no worries about copyright etc.
Yes it makes a difference to hear a nice light going tune.  We use to live in Inverurie and on good days we would go to Cruden Bay with the children, Amy certainly captured the ambiance of the place and it brings back happy memories for us.

Drew (Alcluith)

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