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want to play for Appalachian stepdance?
There's not a lot of traffic on this forum, Jack - my fault, as I always seem to busy knee-deep in other projects. Also, many of the forum members are learners, and simply don't have the confidence. Yet. 

I have played for stepdancing before, as well as flat-foot dancing. And of course ceilidh dancing, and I have to say it's a thrill, and it reminds you what the music is for. I wonder if people could be enticed in another way? A workshop, perhaps, exploring the music and how to play for dancing. If it were a day workshop, the music could be the focus in the morning, and then the stepdancers could attend the afternoon session. Who knows, perhaps a public performance/dance in the evening where it all combines?

I'm doing my old-time workshop in Fife in June (further details), although the focus is on tunes and songs. If I could get some flyers for the dancing I would pass them out.

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RE: want to play for Appalachian stepdance? - by nigelgatherer - 11-04-2017, 06:40 AM

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