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The Braes of Ballenden!
£10 well spent, I'd say.  Cool

As for the styles represented, this is surely one of the many downsides to such music competitions. 
For example, in the early years of the Comhaltas competitions in Ireland, great Irish Music like that from the rich & varied music produced from Donegal, Cork & Kerry were not actually allowed to be played, which was an absolute disgrace. Also, some instruments now regarded as intrinsically part of the tradition were not permitted, but later were snuck in under the heading of miscellaneous, before finally being accepted. Another problem over the years, has been the actual acceptable or at least perceived to be suitable repertoire has always tended towards the long, complicated & awkward keyed tunes & the tendency for competitors to feel compelled to have to cram absolutely as much possible ornamentation as is humanly possible into each piece. A rather ugly spin off too, is how many young musicians far too often regard a session as simply an extension of the competition arena, so they dare not ever be seen to be playing any of the 'simple' tunes, ones which often have so much charm. For this reason, many sessions are sadly just a hell fire fight to see who can play the most, the fastest, the most difficult music. It's not the first time I've simply packed up & left a session, because all anyone seems to be willing to play is Reel after Reel after Reel, with perhaps an odd Jig thrown in as a token gesture. Very sad really, because a session can & should, in my book, take full advantage of the many moods such a rich diverse musical tradition has produced over the past few hundred years. 

As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of competitions, so would never have attended the Glenfiddich ones, but I certainly did enjoy & would have happily attended this concert.

So hopefully, any future events that come from this will hopefully make an effort to inclusive of all the many & varied styles of Fiddle music present in Scotland, from the Borders to Shetland. Of course that'll only make the job of any adjudicator so much the harder, but then for me it's an utterly impossible task to have to say one player is 'better' than another, especially at that level. It'll surely always come down to an individual judges preferred style, so should never really be regarded as anything more important than just a bit of fun.


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