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The Braes of Ballenden!
It was mentioned that the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra might be getting involved in some way, Dick. Will be interesting to see what transpires. William Grant and Sons are continuing with the piping competition, which seems to get more coverage than the fiddles, and said they would be looking at where they might invest in traditional playing in other ways. All credit to them for their 27 years of excellent sponsorship. For the £10 entry charge we got up to three hours of the finest playing, a very fine souvenir programme, and on the way out a miniature of 12-year-old Glenfiddich! Mine was savoured after the 3hour drive and ferry trip back home.

I was talking with a few folk at the event and we were wondering if the fiddle competition was perhaps too much weighted towards the north-east tradition at the expense of west coast playing. When you look at the named composers chosen the names of William Marshall, Gow and Skinner seem to come to the fore. One could argue that they wrote the best and most demanding fiddle music free from the restrictions of the nine notes of the pipe scale, but as a Westie I must own up to a real liking for the pipe tunes. There are many current composers producing some great music for the fiddle and alot of it sits well in the traditional genre.

Time will tell, but lets hope something continues.

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