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Anybody here got a good sound recorder and know how to use it?
I have an older generation Zoom recorder H4 (which I just happened to get from Red Dog music too!) It cost about £200 when I bought it maybe 6 years ago, but as happens with some tech stuff, newer models are better and possibly cheaper! And as John has said, there are a simpler and cheaper versions from the same stable. I have been constantly surprised and delighted at the quality you get from it, and how it can pick up all the instruments in a mass group of 10-20 people when you just plonk it down somewhere in front of them all: runs on an SD card (the older ones, such as mine, would only take 2GB cards which are getting harder to get but newer ones take higher GB cards). The main drawback with mine is the very small screen, but newer ones have bigger screens. There are facilities for 4-tracking and direct inputs which I've never used. I usually upload into Garageband (Mac) for editing, then share to iTunes, then burn to CD or email to those who want tracks. Formats are AAC at various levels with option to convert (or record) as mp3.

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RE: Anybody here got a good sound recorder and know how to use it? - by Trish Santer - 28-10-2016, 12:19 AM

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