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Mandolin Advise
JAJ pointed out:

"I don't know what all is involved in adapting a mandolin for a left handed player and whether or not there is more required than reversing the bridge (More awkward if it's fixed) and nut. Mandolins don't have movable sound posts as violins do but I don't know if the internal construction requires to be any different or not. Perhaps the other John could advise?"

I have never made a left-handed mandolin family instrument yet, and my builds have been all of the flat top variety. Nigel's Rigel is, as far as I remember, a carved top instrument, whereas Moons are flat tops. With carved tops with bass bar the bar is put on the bass side of the soundboard, as in fiddles, and so would have to be built in on the correct side at the time of construction, I'm pretty sure. As JAJ says, there is no soundpost in a mandolin, flat or carved top. Flat tops, depending on the bracing system used, could be strung left-handed. This would involve a new nut (so that the string slots are correctly cut to accommodate the reversed width of the GDAE courses; the tailpiece would not present a problem but the bridge and saddle would require work, again to get correct width of string slots but also if it is a compensated bridge then the compensation adjustments on the saddle would have to be reversed too. My saddles are routed in to the bridge at a slight angle, giving a longer string length at the saddle to the heavier strings - look at any acoustic guitar and you'll see this slanting saddle. Further compensation is built in by adjusting the saddle width for each course to try to get the intonation as accurate as is possible on a very short-scaled instrument. All things that can be done.

Re sound you are after - this is always a very personal choice and depends on how heavily/lightly you play, the string gauges you use, your choice of pick.

Send me a PM if you'd like to discuss things further.


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