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Mandolin Advise
(17-10-2016, 02:13 PM)JAJ Wrote: There are better people here than me to advise you but I suggest, if you can, to try before you buy.

Scayles in Edinburgh and Celtic Chords in Stonehaven stock reasonably good mandolins and I'm sure there must be somewhere in Glasgow.

Eastman seem to make fairly good "off the shelf" mandolins from what I can see. I don't a lot about Rigel but I'm they must they good if Nigel has chosen one.

Re the Moon mandolins, there are different models. I have an A Plus model Series model with a built in pick up which now appears to be discontinued. I like it although it has a brighter tone than my old Vanden "A"model(My favourite) which is more mellow. He does have a wide range though and worth checking out.

When you say "one off chance", does this mean you have a fair amount of money to spend? Perhaps, you could consider having one custom made e.g. by Moon, Vanden, Sobell etc? There are a lot of good makers around.

You say that The Moon mandolin is quiet for your style of playing but "Your style of playing" also dictates the volume you can achieve from the instrument too. As do other factors such as the type and guage of strings, choice of picks, grip of picks and pick direction. Also how you hold and position your instrument etc, but you probably know all this...  Wink  For what it's worth, I'm a "quiet" player although I've learned over the years how to make myself heard when its really necessary in noisy pubs etc but, generally, I prefer to play at my own volume and pace otherwise you lose a lot of the subtlety.

However, so much of this is down to your own taste and preference and what feels right to you.

I don't know what all is involved in adapting a mandolin for a left handed player and whether or not there is more required than reversing the bridge(More awkward if it's fixed) and nut. Mandolins don't have movable sound posts as violins do but i don't know if the internal construction requires to be any different or not. Perhaps the other John could advise?

Thanks for that advise, everything is always very helpful, and as you say getting your hands on a mandolin is always best but not always practical, especially for left handed. I joined our local mandolin club just before a got a mandolin, more to see what they were using.  I am still very much a novice player despite my years, and get a lot of good training from Nigel. I am just a bit shy of getting a Vanden  but I have been looking at a few luthiers just over the borders, who are within my price range. Like you I like a more mellow sounding mandolin, I have been experimenting with picks and strings etc I have also changed the tailpiece and bridge on my Ashbury and it is sounding a lot better, but not fully what I am looking for. 


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