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Hebridean Hopscotch
[Image: ZUsyLTa.png]

One of the things which have kept me away from the forum (apart from my work schedule) is a project called Hebridean Hopscotch. I've been working on this to compile a collection of tunes from and about the Scottish Islands. At this point I have at least 40 sets, all available to download from my website.

As with almost all the music I transcribe, it's for my classes, and in addition to the music, my students have been sending me their photos of the islands. These can be viewed in galleries accessed from the main Hebridean Hopscotch page. 

I have arranged the first 20 sets into two volumes which can be downloaded. These first two books follow a route through the islands, visiting some 22 islands on the way.

Let me know what you think.

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