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Plastic G recorders for sale
I have three Susato G recorders surplus to requirements.  I've had them for many years and if you've heard me play you've probably heard them.  Two are altos and one is a sopranino (I'm keeping one of the two sopraninos I have).

Selling because I now have three wooden G altos, two wooden G sopraninos, and a bunch of G ocarinas in both pitches, so I don't still need these.  The wooden recorders are far easier to play in the high register, though much more expensive; the ocarinas are more dramatic in their sound and cost about the same as the Susatos new, but they're heavy, fragile and harder to play.

The point of a G recorder is that its range is a good match for Scottish music - you can play the 9-note pipe scale without overblowing using fingerings that will feel familiar to anyone who knows the pipes, and like the pipes, Renaissance models like the Susato are powerful at the bottom end.  They also cover most of the first-position range of a fiddle and you can do a lot of fiddle tunes that don't fit on a C recorder/D whistle/flute.  (I tried to persuade George Kelischek to market them in tartan plastic to indicate their most appropriate market niche.  He didn't get it).

They have the advantage over a whistle that you can turn on a sixpence to move between A major and A minor.  Hardly any half-holing required.

Physically, the Susatos are just the same as Susato whistles, but with the holes in different places.  This gives them some of the same issues as the whistles - the high end plays harsh and flat unless you know what you're doing (e.g. washing up liquid and the rubber O-ring trick).  Fingering is Renaissance-style, a little bit different to what standard school recorders use, but easy to adjust to.

These are a bit hard to get hold of in shops.  Let me know if you're interested.
07895 860 060

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