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New Website - Alcluith - 25-11-2017


I have noticed that in your website the access to the tunes section comes up with error when you try to open it.

Have you made it private? so we have to login to gain access?

hope alls well with you.


RE: New Website - JAJ - 25-11-2017

Still seems to work for me.

RE: New Website - John Kelly - 26-11-2017

(25-11-2017, 04:23 PM)JAJ Wrote: Still seems to work for me.

Working for me too, Drew.  When I looked at it first I was not signed in to the site, but I could still access the Tunes section.  I had thought that maybe you were not signed in (I use a cleaning program called CCleaner regularly and after I have cleaned up junk with it I have to sign in to sites again the first time I visit them), but I could access Tunes though not signed in.


RE: New Website - Alcluith - 27-11-2017

JAJ John,

It was coming up with 404 error but I refreshed my Safari and all seams to be working fine.