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Annie McKelvie - Alcluith - 15-10-2017

I have been trying to get the tabs for the above folk tune by Ian Ingram with very little success.
 I came across this ABC in the Mudcat forum but I am not sure, listening to it,  that it is correct. I was hoping that some of you, with a better ear, would be able to advise.

T:Annie McKelvie
C:Iain Ingram
K: D
F/2-E/2| D2 F/2G/2| A3/2 z/2 B/2c/2| d G3/2 B/2| B/2 A3/2 z/2 B/2| A/2 E
3/2 F| G B A| A3| z2 F/2E/2| D2 F/2G/2| A2 B/2c/2| d/2 G3/2 B| B/2 A3/2
z/2 A/2| A3/2 B/2 A| G F E| D3| z2 F/2G/2| F E3/2 F/2| G z A/2G/2| F F G
| A z A| ^G2 G/2A/2| B/2 e3/2 D| d c B| c z A/2A/2| d2 e/2d/2| d c B| B
A G| F z A| A2 E/2F/2| G2 F/2E/2| E/2 D2-D/2-|D2|| 



RE: Annie McKelvie - Jack Campin - 15-10-2017

I remember it more like this:

T:Annie McKelvie
C:Iain Ingram
K: D
(FE)|D3  F G2|A2 B2 c2|d2 G2 B2|BA3 [1 zB| A E3  F2|
                                                   G2 B2 A2|F6-      |F4:|\
                                   [2 zA| A3  B A2|G2 F2 E2|D6-      |D4||
FG |F2 E3  F|G3  A G2|F2 F2 G2|A4     zA|^G2 G2 A2|B e3  d2|d2 c2 B2 |c4
AA |d4    ed|d2 c2 B2|A2 A3  G|F4     zA| A3  E F2|G3 F  E2|ED3-  D2-|D4|]

(Somehow the forum display system has messed up my intended monospace).

The tune is basically the same as the one Bogle used for "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" - I wonder what the original is? "Annie McKelvie" is a much better song, anyway.

RE: Annie McKelvie - Trish Santer - 20-10-2017

I often hear this sung in sessions, and no 2 people sing it exactly the same: so unless you can get your hands on Iain Ingram's original rendition you might have to make do with a folk processed version! I have just listened to 5 YouTube versions: all different!! (And to me, not even any passing resemblance to "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" in any of them!!)
The commonest variant is in the chorus on the words "you'd rather be" - some people go up, others go down! I'm told by a friend of Iain's that going down is correct!

RE: Annie McKelvie - JAJ - 24-10-2017

Tom Laurie's version is likely to be close to the original, I'd have thought.

As for "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda", there's not that much similarity in my opinion.