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Wren Tunes! - Dick Glasgow - 09-01-2017

Hunting the Wren: A medley of tunes relating to one of our smallest & most fascinating little birds, the Wren, played on Nyckelharpa, Hammered Dulcimer, English Concertina, Mandolin, Whistles & Bowed Psaltery. Photos taken in my garden, here in north Antrim. 

Hunting the Wren: Wales, We'll Hunt the Wren: Ireland, Wren An Dro: Brittany, Hunt the Wren: Isle of Man, Death of the Wren: Scotland & The Wren's Nest: Ireland


RE: Wren Tunes! - Jack Campin - 12-01-2017

You forgot the terrific English one - The Cutty Wren.

RE: Wren Tunes! - nigelgatherer - 14-01-2017

Nice to hear "Death of the Wren". Last month I had 100 hundred people all playing that tune through about ten times in a row, going from slow and getting progressively faster. It wis bra.

RE: Wren Tunes! - John Kelly - 14-01-2017

Interesting medley, Dick. Photos are really great - are they all your own?

Nigel, next Saturday you are leading yet another group, this time at Celtic Connections. We have some of our Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop (at Strachur) members attending, including myself, so looking forward to a great afternoon.