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The Persevering Lover - nigelgatherer - 20-12-2016

The Persevering Lover

[Image: Persevering%20Lover%202d%204_tab_zpsvyxt5efo.jpg]

Going through some of my old notebooks and I happened upon this tune, which I transcribed from the playing of the Peter Bruce Band from Take the Floor round about 1992. It's an old pipe tune in A mixolydian, and appears in William Gunn's Caledonian Repository from 1848. Here's what it looked like in my notebook:

[Image: 03-12d-Persevering-Lover_zpspd8e8htp.jpg]

RE: The Persevering Lover - kypfer - 22-12-2016

Thank you ... I enjoyed that, I'll play it some more later Smile