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RE: The Scottish Music Maker - Jack Campin - 07-12-2016

Well here you go with one of them:

B|(A>F)(A>.B) ud>vA(B<d)|(A>F).A>.B .d<(f    e2) |\
 (A>F)(A>.B)  d>A(B<d) |(A>Bd>).f  (e<f ({c}d)):|
.e|(f<d({f}a>).d) ue>vd (.B<d)|(a>fa>).B .d<(f ({f}e2))|\
  (f<d({f}a>).d) (e<d(B>).d)|(A>da>).f .e<(f ({c}d2))|
(f3/e//f//a>.d) ue>v.d (B<d)|(A>FA>).B .d>(f({f}e2))|\
(A>F(A>).B) ud>vA (B<d)|(A>da>).f .e<(f ({c}d))|]

That level of detail about the articulation makes my brain hurt and took a long time - and I still didn't manage to represent Skinner's straight slurs.  I'm inclined to leave it all out, since it's there in the scan if you really need to know.

RE: The Scottish Music Maker - John Kelly - 10-07-2017

Just came across this thread again while browsing today and thought I'd have a go at putting Jack's abc file into MuseScore and here is what came out.  Thanks for this, Jack, and sorry for not getting it attempted when you first posted it.


RE: The Scottish Music Maker - Jack Campin - 15-07-2017

That worked very well. Is it just a matter of selecting an import option in MuseScore?