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Sad News..... Angus R Grant - JAJ - 10-10-2016

I wasn't sure where to post this on the site but under Scottish Music seems fair enough...

Sad news this morning that Angus Grant Junior of Shooglenifty fame passed away at the weekend at St Columba's Hospice after a short illness

A tribute on The Shoogles own site 

Deepest condolences to all his family, friends, and others who have been inspired by this fine musician.

Angus was one of my earliest  tutors at The Scots Music Group(Then known as The ALP) back in 1992. Thanks to him, I learned many great tunes, good advice, and a love and respect for the music which always be with me.

RE: Sad News..... Angus R Grant - John Kelly - 10-10-2016

A huge loss to the world of music. He certainly was in the forefront of making the fiddle a "cool" instrument for young folk to play.

RE: Sad News..... Angus R Grant - Trish Santer - 25-10-2016

Since these earlier posts of the sad news, Hamish Napier has posted a score of, possibly, Angus's most famous tune, 250 to Vigo, on Facebook. he was suggesting that we should all be playing it, in memory of him. Managed to save it off FB and convert to pdf, so away and play it! (And remember it's a SLOW reel!) If you want to hear it, it's on Shooglenifty's iconic album , "Venus in Tweeds" as well as on Duncan Chisholm's "Farrar".