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Old Time Reel! - Dick Glasgow - 06-09-2016

To get this section started, here's a video of me playing Christmas Day in da Morning (Shetland Listening Tune) & Breaking up Christmas (Appalachian Reel) played on Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin, Fiddle, Tenor Guitar, English Concertina, Trump & Appalachian Dulcimer.


RE: Old Time Reel! - JAJ - 06-09-2016

Good to see you back, Dick.   Wink

RE: Old Time Reel! - John Kelly - 15-09-2016

That hammered dulcimer has a great sound, Dick, as do the other instruments, and the trump adds an unusual voice.

Was listening to your posting over on Soundcloud from the radio programme Kist O Words. Was that the one Willie Drennan used to be on? The history of the dulcimer in Antrim was really fascinating!