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Miss Joyce Ludriecus - hs14a - 14-09-2018

Some of you in the Slow Session Group Wednesday class expressed an interest in hearing the tune which Nigel so kindly composed in honour of my wife's birthday last July. I am very happy to share it with you ... I hope you like it as much as I do Smile

Ooops .... looks like I am not allowed to post mp3 files. Smile

RE: Miss Joyce Ludriecus - nigelgatherer - 16-09-2018

Miss J Ludriecus  (Nigel Gatherer)

[Image: 1yHTJ6q.jpg?1]

Forum member hs14a wished to share this tune, Miss J Ludriecus, so here it is to download in staff notation and mando tab (click on the image above), and you can download an MP3 soundfile also.