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Video 5 Traditional Christmas Carols!
Posted by: Dick Glasgow - 09-01-2017, 06:53 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - No Replies

I posted this on Christmas Day!

5 Traditional Christmas Carols from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man & England on Nyckelharpa, Fiddle, English Concertina & Mandolin! 


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  Uddingston Music Festival 2017
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 03-01-2017, 10:47 PM - Forum: Nigel Gatherer's Workshops - No Replies

My annual workshop at the Uddingston Music Festival is on Saturday 11th February, 10am-12noon. Booking is open, and the music is available from


including a tune which is about three hours old, Time for a Tunnock's, and a tune from a manuscript dated 1700, You're Welcome to Inverness.

Any questions about the workshop, just ask.

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Clef Happy New Year
Posted by: Alcluith - 01-01-2017, 10:45 AM - Forum: Nigel Gatherer's Classes - Replies (2)

Happy New Year and all the best for 2017 to Nigel and all his pupils, especially those in the GFW Intermediate Mandolin Class, see you all in February 2017.


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Music The Persevering Lover
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 20-12-2016, 08:11 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (1)

The Persevering Lover

[Image: Persevering%20Lover%202d%204_tab_zpsvyxt5efo.jpg]

Going through some of my old notebooks and I happened upon this tune, which I transcribed from the playing of the Peter Bruce Band from Take the Floor round about 1992. It's an old pipe tune in A mixolydian, and appears in William Gunn's Caledonian Repository from 1848. Here's what it looked like in my notebook:

[Image: 03-12d-Persevering-Lover_zpspd8e8htp.jpg]

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  Competition or Co-operation
Posted by: JAJ - 13-12-2016, 11:05 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (6)


   A discussion is going on elsewhere re "competitiveness" in sessions.(see above).

I'm sure this an anathema to most of us here especially those who emerged through the SMG but sometimes I feel there is a place for allowing some players to express themselves more freely and for new material to be introduced. The other extreme is a LCD where everyone plays at the same speed, mediocre or otherwise, and the repertoire never changes.

While "show offs" are not to be encouraged, some middle ground might be OK depending on the circumstances. Any thoughts?

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Music The Bonnie Green of Glasgow
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 09-12-2016, 01:49 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (4)

The Bonnie Green of Glasgow

[Image: BonnieGreenGlasgow_zpsjlonotdq.jpg.html]

I have been frustrated for months because I used to use Picasa to store images which I posted into threads here, but they went and changed it to Google Photos, or something like that, and deleted the option to share. Genius. I've been trying other sites with limited success. This is my latest: I've opened a Photobucket account, and if it works, there should be a tune above. If it doesn't work - well, you might get the picture. I don't know why in this day and age things have to be so difficult!!!!

Doesn't seem to have worked. I'll try some other things...

[Image: BonnieGreenGlasgow_zpsjlonotdq.jpg]

Ooh - that worked! Hopefully I'll be able to start posting music again after a long hiatus.

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Book The Scottish Music Maker
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 04-12-2016, 06:06 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (12)

Many years ago I discovered a book in the Music Room in Edinburgh's Central Library called "The Scottish Music Maker". Published in 1957, it was compiled by J Murdoch Henderson and consists of 84 tunes composed by James Scott Skinner, arranged in sets and hand-written by Henderson himself (although the originals would have been reproduced for printing). Back then I scanned the whole book and got it bound so I could have my own copy; not an easy job, because the pages are larger than A4.

Earlier this year I was trawling through charity shops and found an original copy of the book for £2.50. I couldn't believe it, and I knew it was a rare find because in all my years of looking through junk shops for music, I've NEVER seen another copy. I tried to stay calm, handed over my money and left the shop before anyone could say it was a mistake.

I mentioned the book to Jack Campin in the pub the other night, and he asked for a copy. Since I now have an original, I've clipped the wire binding on my copied version and scanned it. Those of you wishing a copy can download it from

The Scottish Music Maker

Let me know what you think.

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  B flat anyone?
Posted by: Jack Campin - 02-12-2016, 04:25 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (5)

These days, you rarely see anyone at session with just one diatonic instrument.  Fiddles, accordions and guitars predominate; I'm often the only woodwind player present.  Moothie players always have a few different keys available.  So, apart from whistle and smallpipe players, everybody can play in pretty near any key you'll find in the older collections.  (Smallpipe players never play on every tune anyway, and D whistles are routinely cut out of the action when tunes drop to the G string).

But session keys are more restricted than they used to be: zero to three sharps.  And collections like Nigel's are reflecting that; he used to have flat key tunes and doesn't any more.  There seems no good reason for it, and the variety of tone you get by extending the range of keys makes for a more audience-friendly sound.

This isn't the way professionals do it, either - it's not like this is a general trend in Scottish music.  Alasdair Fraser does sets in C minor and Adam Sutherland's best known tune is in B.

(And for whistle players: just about any music shop will have whistles in seven or eight different keys for a few quid, it's not like getting beyond D is a huge problem).

Do we really want to end up like the English scene where absolutely everything is in G or D?

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  Lament for Nurse Cavell
Posted by: Jack Campin - 01-12-2016, 07:06 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (1)

This came up in a Mudcat thread.  I wouldn't say it's a lost masterpiece but it may fit in to somebody's WW1 commemoration plans.

T:Lament for Nurse Cavell
C:Jas. Wilson, Pipe Major, Q.V.S. Dunblane
{g}AB|{GdG}c2 {GdG}c>B    {gBd}B2   {e}A2    |{Adc}d2      f2 {gcd}c4 |\
      {gef}e2   {A}ef      {gf}g2 {afg}fe    |  {g}A2 {GdG}c2 {gBd}B4 |
      {GdG}c2 {GdG}c>B    {gBd}B2   {e}A2    |{Adc}d2      f2 {gef}e4 |\
       {ag}a2   {f}gf     {gef}e2 {gcd}ce    |  {g}A2 {GdG}B2   {g}A4||
       {ag}a2   {f}gf      {ag}a2      e{gf}g|{afg}f2 {Adc}d2  {ag}a4 |\
        {f}g2   {a}e{gf}g {afg}f2 {Adc}df    |{gef}e2   {g}A2 {gBd}B4 |
      {GdG}c2 {GdG}c>B    {gBd}B2   {e}A2    |{Adc}d2      f2 {gef}e4 |\
       {ag}a2   {f}gf     {gef}e2 {gBd}ce    |  {g}A2 {GdG}B2   {g}A4|]

There is also a song version which is bloody awful.

Attached Files
.pdf   LamentForNurseCavell.pdf (Size: 34.12 KB / Downloads: 12)
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  Lament for Abercairney
Posted by: Alcluith - 29-11-2016, 12:22 PM - Forum: GFW Improvers Mandolin - Replies (3)


found this nice rendering of this weeks tune "Lament for Abercairney" by David Hanson


hope you like it Smile



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