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Music 2 TOM 94: 14th October
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 18-10-2017, 06:21 AM - Forum: Tune of the Month - Replies (6)

TOM 94: 14th October

[Image: JBSZssJ.jpg?1]
This tune is old, appearing in several early 18th Century collections, indicating that it’s probably from the 1600s. The significance of the date is unknown, although it could simply be because it’s St Crispin’s Day, or perhaps the birth of King James VIIth.

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  Annie McKelvie
Posted by: Alcluith - 15-10-2017, 09:49 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (3)

I have been trying to get the tabs for the above folk tune by Ian Ingram with very little success.
 I came across this ABC in the Mudcat forum but I am not sure, listening to it,  that it is correct. I was hoping that some of you, with a better ear, would be able to advise.

T:Annie McKelvie
C:Iain Ingram
K: D
F/2-E/2| D2 F/2G/2| A3/2 z/2 B/2c/2| d G3/2 B/2| B/2 A3/2 z/2 B/2| A/2 E
3/2 F| G B A| A3| z2 F/2E/2| D2 F/2G/2| A2 B/2c/2| d/2 G3/2 B| B/2 A3/2
z/2 A/2| A3/2 B/2 A| G F E| D3| z2 F/2G/2| F E3/2 F/2| G z A/2G/2| F F G
| A z A| ^G2 G/2A/2| B/2 e3/2 D| d c B| c z A/2A/2| d2 e/2d/2| d c B| B
A G| F z A| A2 E/2F/2| G2 F/2E/2| E/2 D2-D/2-|D2|| 



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  a Pleasant Sunday Afternoon with the Strathspey King
Posted by: Jack Campin - 25-09-2017, 11:06 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - No Replies

It's 1916, and Scott Skinner plays to support the Red Cross at a gig in Newtongrange organized by the Pleasant Sunday Afternoons Brotherhood, a local temperance organization.

Did the PSA operate elsewhere?


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  Norman Maclean RIP
Posted by: JAJ - 03-09-2017, 03:26 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - No Replies

Norman Maclean has passed away.


What is the relevance here, you may ask? However, he composed this classic tune


played in many sessions throughout the land.

Condolences to Norman's friends and family.

Incidentally, do we know of any other tunes composed by Norman? 

I recall Jack once saying that Scarce of Tatties and Streets of Laredo were from the same family of tunes...both derivatives of an older tune, apparently.

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  Rhythm for the foodies
Posted by: Alcluith - 22-08-2017, 07:28 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (5)

Seen this and thought it might work for me

what do you think???

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  Snow on the Ben
Posted by: Alcluith - 08-08-2017, 11:27 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (1)

I have recently been looking for tunes that could be played around my area of West Dunbartonshire. 
Locals often talk about the "Snow on the Ben" which can be seen from the whole of the Vale of Leven, Dumbarton and surrounding areas.
I stumbled upon the late Ian Hardie's site  and found a lovely little fiddle tune called "Snow on the Ben" when I listened to it I just thought it was just a lovely tune that I had to try and learn it.

I have converted to mandolin tabs and post here so that it may be shared.



Attached Files
.pdf   Snow on the Ben.pdf (Size: 223.26 KB / Downloads: 13)
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  is Liberton really in Poland?
Posted by: Jack Campin - 03-08-2017, 01:18 PM - Forum: Scottish Music - No Replies

Came across a thread on melodeon.net about a collection called "The Sussex Tunebook".  One item in it is this:

T:36 Polish Polka
C:Michael Turner's MS
EFG2 A2G2|c2G2 e4|e2d2 f2B2|d2c2 c2 z2|EFG2 A2G2|c2G2 e4|e2d2 f2B2|d2c2 c2 z2:|
d2ed ^c2d2|g2B2 d4|d2ed c2A2|e2d2 d2 z2|d2ed ^c2d2|g2B2 d4|d2ed c2A2|A2G2 G2 z2:|
c2f2 A2c2|F2A2 C4|A2G2 B2E2|d2c2 c4|c2f2 A2c2|F2A2 C4|A2G2 B2E2|G2F2 F2 z2:|

which is pretty much what we know as "The Liberton Polka".  According to this article on Michael Turner...


...it dates from 1845, which is only a few years after polkas first arrived in Britain.

It would be nice to trace it back to a Polish source. (It doesn't seem very likely to me that whoever first wrote it down as "The Liberton Polka" would ever have heard of Michael Turner - more likely they both got it from the same place).

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  Clandestine Mazurka, Sat 29th, 4pm
Posted by: Jack Campin - 27-07-2017, 03:08 PM - Forum: Other Music - Replies (1)

Something in between a busk and a flashmob, if anybody wants to try some Continental European music and dance on Saturday afternoon:


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  Tullichewan Castle
Posted by: Alcluith - 27-07-2017, 09:05 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (15)

Looking for a bit of assistance from some of the more experienced posters out there.  
I found this piece of pipe music with the intention of playing on mandolin. I was going to use MuseScore to create tabs but seen a few things I was not sure about, and therefore thought to seek help.

The first is the key signature looks like A but with G instead of G#, never seen this before?

Secondly there is a lot of grace notes in the piece, so how best to handle them  when played on mandolin, ignore them, add some or add all? 

Hope this make sense.


Attached Files
.pdf   Tullichewan Castle.pdf (Size: 55.9 KB / Downloads: 10)
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Lightbulb Urquhart's Scots Measure
Posted by: nigelgatherer - 25-07-2017, 08:11 AM - Forum: Scottish Music - Replies (1)

Urquhart's Scots Measure

I was looking at some tunes from the Blaikie manuscript, which was given to Sir Walter Scott in 1824 by Andrew Blaikie. It was in tablature for the Viol de Gamba and dated 1692 (my copy came from Jack Campin's transcription, available from Jack's web site). I played a tune from there called Honest Luckie, and it rang a bell; I recognised it from somewhere, and with a bit of investigation I found it in Oswald's Caledonian Companion, vol.8 as Wrquahart's Scotts Measure. Click on the image below to download the tune in mandolin tablature.

[Image: 7qnedDO.jpg]

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