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Full Version: Urquhart's Scots Measure
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Urquhart's Scots Measure

I was looking at some tunes from the Blaikie manuscript, which was given to Sir Walter Scott in 1824 by Andrew Blaikie. It was in tablature for the Viol de Gamba and dated 1692 (my copy came from Jack Campin's transcription, available from Jack's web site). I played a tune from there called Honest Luckie, and it rang a bell; I recognised it from somewhere, and with a bit of investigation I found it in Oswald's Caledonian Companion, vol.8 as Wrquahart's Scotts Measure. Click on the image below to download the tune in mandolin tablature.

[Image: 7qnedDO.jpg]
There are two parts to the Blaikie MS. The first part is the 17th century tablature, the second part is ballad tunes from around 1800. I only put the ballad tunes on my website - the tablature is available in a lot of lute and viol sources.

Does anybody here play the lute or viol?