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Full Version: who plays fifes in B?
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I got a fife in the Greenside car boot sale last weekend.  I can't judge the sizes of fifes and my phone has gone phut so I didn't have a tuner; figured it was going to be in B flat, D or D flat and didn't really care which.

It turned out to be in B, which I wasn't expecting.  It's a Miller Browne plastic one, obviously made on a production line to meet a standard.  (Basic, but it works).

But what standard?  Who uses that pitch?  The BBs maybe?
Did you not buy a musket and drum while you were there?
Nope - the fife's got everything.
(20-01-2017, 06:02 PM)Jack Campin Wrote: [ -> ]Nope - the fife's got everything.

Jist the place for B tourists1
I went round to a local chap the other day to tune his banjo. Turned out he had loads of instruments, including a large-ish fife or small flute. As he played it I worked out that it was in the key of B. Were they made in the town of Effen?
Is nobody taking this thread seriously? Smile
Serious, indeed. The town of Effen (in France) was the setting for one of Matt McGinn's most poignant poems, involving not only the local bee-keeper but the village gendarmerie!