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Full Version: The Scottish Music Maker
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Well here you go with one of them:

B|(A>F)(A>.B) ud>vA(B<d)|(A>F).A>.B .d<(f    e2) |\
 (A>F)(A>.B)  d>A(B<d) |(A>Bd>).f  (e<f ({c}d)):|
.e|(f<d({f}a>).d) ue>vd (.B<d)|(a>fa>).B .d<(f ({f}e2))|\
  (f<d({f}a>).d) (e<d(B>).d)|(A>da>).f .e<(f ({c}d2))|
(f3/e//f//a>.d) ue>v.d (B<d)|(A>FA>).B .d>(f({f}e2))|\
(A>F(A>).B) ud>vA (B<d)|(A>da>).f .e<(f ({c}d))|]

That level of detail about the articulation makes my brain hurt and took a long time - and I still didn't manage to represent Skinner's straight slurs.  I'm inclined to leave it all out, since it's there in the scan if you really need to know.
Just came across this thread again while browsing today and thought I'd have a go at putting Jack's abc file into MuseScore and here is what came out.  Thanks for this, Jack, and sorry for not getting it attempted when you first posted it.

That worked very well. Is it just a matter of selecting an import option in MuseScore?
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