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Full Version: The Warlocks
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I've played this tune for a few years because I love it. Composed by Robert Lowe in the 19th century, it's a grand minor tune in the Strathspey style. It does present some problems for the learning mandolin player because, like many E minor-ish tunes, you have to fret two notes on the same fret on adjacent strings. I have recorded a video demonstrating my method of dealing with this potentially awkward problem:

The tune can be heard played by me, coupled with the reel Hatton Burn (also known as Tarbolton Lodge) here:

and the notation may be seen here:

Standard Notation | Mando tab
Also good played along with "The Witches"..
Indeed, JAJ, just as it is on the sheet music I linked to.
Of course. Nothing should be "set in stone.
Yet another lovely wee set of tunes Nigel. The Warlocks is indeed a fine tune. Thanks for your continuing supply of new material which is much appreciated by me over here on the Argyll side of the Clyde.
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