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SMG Slow Session Class

SMG Slow Session Class

The Slow Session class was started by me many years ago and has now existed for fifteen years. The main idea was to build up a repertoire and learn to play with other people. The classroom activities are just that: tunes are learned, sets are compiled and music is played. The point of action is when the class is finished and we adjourn to The Wednesday Slow Session where we are joined by others and our music is played in a pub setting.

I seek out suitable tunes for the class course, and each year a possible list of new tunes is proposed and worked through. Inevitably, some of these tune "stick" while others don't.

During the following year (starting September 2015) we're going to continue learning sets (groups of tunes which are played together), so three or four tunes will be learned and developed in blocks.

The new term begins on Wednesday 9th September 2015. Details of what music will be covered during the coming term can be found below.


[STD] = standard notation; [TAB] = mandolin tab; [WHI] = whistle notation; [CEL] = cello; [BJO] = banjo
2015 Term A Sep-Dec
Download all Term A's tunes in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB] [WHI]
9/9 A1 The Gullane Polkas [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
16/9 A2 Stan Chapman's/Calliope House [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
23/9 A3 Off to California/Flaherty's Hornpipe [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
30/9 A4 Repeal the Poll Tax/The Auld Wheel [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
7/10 A5 March to the Battlefield/The Bugle Horn [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
14/10 XX Mid Term - No Class
21/10 A6 Duncan Davidson/Glen Ogle [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
28/10 A7 The Air Tune [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
4/11 A8 Bruce's Address/Miss Girdle
Hannun Hambo
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
11/11 A9 Braigh Loch Iall/Mrs Campbell of Shinness [STD] [TAB] [WHI]
18/11 XX Parents' Evening - No Class
25/11 A10 McKechnie's Farewell/Rutherglen Road
2/12 A11 MacGregor of Ruara/The King's House [STD] [TAB] [WHI]
9/12 XX End of term Stramash
Name: Slow Session Class
Location: Boroughmuir School
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 7 - 9pm
Last updated: 23rd Nov 2015 3.20pm
SMG Slow Session class photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |