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SMG Mornin Mixed Instrument

SMG Morning Mixed Instrument Group

In a mixed instrument class, participants learn tunes and collaborate on arranging the tunes in an exciting way. It's less about the individual and more about learning to play with other instruments and creative an ensemble. During the course we'll be learning tunes and exploring arrangements, with the possibility of performance at a later date.

The next term starts on Wednesday 14th January 2015. Download a Contents List for your expanding book.


[STD] = standard notation; [TAB] = mandolin tab; [WHI] = whistle notation; [CEL] = cello;
Date Tunes
2014 Term A Sept-Dec
10/9 A1 [S08] Come By the Hills
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
17/9 A2 [98] Singalong Medley 1
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
24/9 A3 [35] Leaving Stornoway/Cailin Mo Ruin-Sa
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
1/10 A4 [48] Miss Forbes's Farewell to Banff/Lass o' Patie's Mill
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
8/10 A5 Consolidation and recap
15/10 XX Mid Term - No Class
22/10 A6 [08] Miss Drummond of Perth/Janet Tyed the Bonnet Tight
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
29/10 A7 [17] The Flower of Scotland
5/11 A8 [75] Farewell to the Creeks
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
12/11 A9 [39] Richard Brennan's Favourite/The Donegal Lass
19/11 A10 [61] The Rolling Hills of the Borders
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
26/11 A11 Willie Brew'd a Peck o' Maut
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
2/12 XX Stramash (11am at Gorgie/Dalry church).
3/12 A12 Christmas party
2015 Term B Jan-Mar
14/1 B1 [87] Linda & Neil's Waltz/The Gathering Waltz
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
21/1 B2 [09] Boys of the Town/Tom Sullivan's Polka
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
28/1 B3 [44] The Mist Covered Mountains
4/2 B4 [27] Planxty Irwin/Planxty Fanny Powers
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
11/2 B5 [S13] Ye Jacobites By Name
18/2 XX Mid Term - No Class
25/2 B6 [90] North Turned South/Road to Banff
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
4/3 B7 [99] Singalong Medley 2
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
11/3 B8 [76] Hi O Hiram/Calum Beag
[STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
18/3 B9 Consolidation & Recap
28/3 B10 End-of-term Session
2015 Term C Apr-Jun
22/4 C1 [32] Domhnaill Dubh/Highlander's Revenge
29/4 C2 Recording
6/5 C3 Recording
13/5 C4 Recording
20/5 C5 Recording
27/5 C6 Rehearsal for Concert
3/6 C7 Rehearsal for Concert
10/6 C8 Concert
Name: Morning Mixed Instrument
Location: Gorgie Dalry Church
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 9.30-11.30am
Last update: 9th Feb 2015 1.20pm

SMG Morning Mixed class photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |