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 I HAVE BEEN TEACHING MANDOLIN for almost twenty years and have formulated my own methods based on a deep knowledge of the music and an understanding of the path the mandolin student must take. I perform workshops, classes, individual lessons, and I also have on-line tutorials and publications.

Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin School is in its fifth year and consists of three levels of classes held on Tuesday evenings in Morningside United Church in Edinburgh. The classes are supportive and encouraging, and with me there's always fun to be had as well. The weekly classes are augmented by music and soundfiles which can be accessed at any time.

Use the guide below to work out which level would be better for you. There is flexibility, so if you feel you're in the wrong group, or you're progressing much faster than the others in your class, it's easy to move to another.

  • Beginners Mandolin
    You are picking up an instrument for the first time and are wishing to start from the very beginning with the basic techniques. Or perhaps you've been playing for a little while but prefer to take a step back and work on proper technique. For further information or to enrol, visit the Beginners Mandolin page.
  • Improvers/Lower Intermediate Mandolin
    You've done the basics and can play some simple tunes on the mandolin. You're now ready to further your technique and repertoire and explore the world of music. Or you've completed an Improvers class, but you're not quite ready to progress to the full Intermediate level. For further information or to enrol, visit the Improvers/Lower Intermediate Mandolin page.
  • Intermediate Mandolin
    You've been playing for a while and are confident with a number of tunes and techniques. You're ready to work to take your mandolin playing to the next level. New keys and advanced techniques will be examined. For further information or to enrol, visit the Intermediate Mandolin page.
Classes in Edinburgh
On-Line Tutorials
  • On-Line Mandolin Tutorial
    Get started with the first couple of lessons, or have a look at a couple of more advanced projects.
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