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GFW Slow Session
Name: GFW Slow Session
Location: Gatherer's Inn
Day: Monday
Time: 6.45-7.30pm
Last updated: 16th Nov 2021 11am

GFW Slow Session at Gatherer's Inn

Each Monday evening before the GFW classes, I run a slow session for any and all students of the GFW classes. Each session we particularly concentrate on a specific tune (listed below), and then play through some of our regular slow session tunes, also available below.. The tunes are available to download in advance in various formats, including MP3 soundfiles.

All classes at GFW (the Glasgow Folkmusic Workshop) are being conducted online this term, and I'll be continuing the Monday Slow Session online until the end of the year. There is uncertainty as to what happens after that, so we'll be crossing bridges as we come to them.

The session is open to everyone.

Session Schedule (Sep - Oct 2021) Session Sets
2021 Tunes
g01. Ger the Rigger set
g02. The Cradle Song
g03. Loch Torridon set
g04. Invercauld set
g05. Why Left I My Home set
g06. Donachd Head/Jamie Rae
g07. The Islands
g08. Navvies
g09. Cawdor Fair set
g10. Ballachulish Glen
g11. March of the GFW
g12. Johnny Will You Marry Me
g13. Liberty
g14. Forneth House
g15. Glendaruel Highlanders set
g16. Lucy Farr's set
g17. Mairi's Wedding set
g18. Rowing from Islay to Uist
g19. Jeannie's Blue Een set
g20. The Bear Dance
g21. Huntingtone Castle
g22. Da Peerie Hoose set
g23. Mist Covered Mountains
g24. Roll Her On the Hill set
g25. Top of Ben Lomond set
g26. Before I Marry set
g27. O Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie
g28. Johnny Todd set
g29. I'll Tell Me Ma set
g30. Isle of Mull set
g31. Mount Stuart House set
g32. Glasgow Highlanders set
g33. Seal Song
g34. Laura-Beth's Polka set
g35. A Fig for a Kiss
g36. Kelvingrove set
g37. John McAlpine set
g38. Hot Punch
g39. Miss Gayton's/Cooper's
g40. Old Time Wedding Reels
g41. Dunkeld Volunteers set
g42. Eternal Surge set

03. Memories of Fr Angus
05. Snug in a Blanket set
07. Hector the Hero
12. Glenside Polkas
c02. Flett from Flotta
e12. McKechnie's Farewell
e18. Maggie West's set
i07. Road to Lisdoonvarna set

A. Lochnagar
B. Ashokan Farewell
C. High Road to Gairloch set
D. The Gathering set

30/8 A1 The Island I Left
Plus: | g01 | g02 | g03 | c02 | g15 | g24 | g36 |
6/9 A2 Westering Home
Plus: | g07 | g20 | 12 | g27 | g23 | g29 | g12 |
13/9 A3 The Navvy on the Line
Plus: | g07 | g05 | 07 | g35 | g11 | g32 | e18 |
20/9 A4 The Lochmaben Hornpipe
Plus: | g08 | g07 | 03 | g36 | g17 | g29 | e12 |
27/9 --
No session
4/10 A5 Ballachulish Glen
Plus: | g08 | g07 | 05 | g27 | i07 | g24 | c02 |
11/10 XX Requests & Suggestions
Tunes you like, tunes you think would be good to do. |
18/10 A6 Lucy Farr's Barndance
Plus: | g10 | g08 | g07 | g25 | g01 | g37 | e18 |
25/10 A7 Rocking the Baby
Plus: | g16 | g08 | g10 | g07 | 12 | g32 | g35 |
1/11 B1 High Road to Gairloch
Plus: Mairi's WeddingLucy Farr's set
Huntingtone CastleRoll Her On the Hill set
John McAlpine setRowing from Islay to Uist
8/11 B2 Highland Laddie
Plus: The Bear DanceThe Cradle Song
A Fig for a KissO Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie
NavviesBallachulish GlenMarch of the GFW
15/11 B3 The Gathering
Plus: High Road to GairlochLoch Torridon
The IslandsLucy Farr's set
McKechnie's FarewellLiberty
22/11 B4 The Soup Dragon
Plus: The GatheringWhy Left I My Home set
Cawdor Fair setDunkeld Volunteers set
Road to Lisdoonvarna setI'll Tell Me Ma set
Top of Ben Lomond set
29/11 B5 Laura-Beth's Polka
Plus: The Gathering setHigh Road to Gairloch set
Lucy Farr's setMaggie West's set
Ballachulish GlenMist Covered Mountains
Dunkeld Volunteers set
6/12 B6 Jenn's Polka
Plus: NavviesA Fig for a KissO Are Ye Sleeping
Roll Her On the Hill setKelvingrove set
Glenside PolkasBefore I Marry set
13/12 B7 Deck the Halls
Plus: Ding Dong Merrily on High
Joining the Session

In order to participate, you need the Zoom app. When it's time for the workshop, by clicking the "Join Session" button on the right, you will be asked if you wish to download Zoom. Agree (it's free and quick to download).

Most of the time I'll switch everyone's microphone off and you'll only hear me, but every so often I'll switch individuals on and ask how they're doing.

 Join Session
Meeting ID:  916 0015 6949
Passcode:  GFW-SlowS
Day:  Mondays
Time:  6.45-7.30pm

The session is free, but if you would like to show your appreciation and support further endeavours please use the donate button:

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Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |