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GFW Improvers Mandolin

GFW Mandolin

This is an adult evening class in Improvers Mandolin. Participants should know the basics of the mandolin and have been learning for at least a year.

During the course we'll be further developing the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, increasing our repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.


  • Through the GFW (visit their website), or turn up on the first night of term (Monday 28th April 2014)

Date Tunes Download
2014 Term D Apr-Jun 2014
21/4 XX Easter: No Class
28/4 D1 Reels: Peat Fire Flame/Island Dance [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
5/5 XX Holiday: No Class
12/5 D2 Air: The Dark Island [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
19/5 D3 Lament: Hector the Hero [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
26/5 XX Holiday: No Class
2/6 D4 Waltz: Margaret's Waltz [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
9/6 D5 Harmony Workshop
  Previous terms:
2013 Term A Sep-Oct 2013
All of Term A's & Term B's Music [STD] [TAB]
2/9 A1 American waltz: The Tombigbee Waltz [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
9/9 A2 Scottish tune: The Twisted Bridge [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
16/9 A3 Irish polka: The Ballyoran Polka [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
23/9 A4 Scottish polka: The Angus Polka No.2 [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
7/10 A5 Scottish air: Farewell to Craigie Dhu [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
21/10 A6 Irish jig: The Eavesdropper [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
28/10 A7 Scottish jig: Drummond Castle [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
2013 Term B Nov-Dec 2013
4/11 B1 Scottish air: Farewell to Whisky [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
11/11 B2 Irish polka: Dan O'Leary's No.2 [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
18/11 B3 Consolidation and recap
25/11 B4 March: Loch Ruan [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
2/12 B5 American tune: The First of May [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
9/12 B6 March: Thistle of Scotland [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
16/12 B7 End-of-Term Session
2014 Term C Jan-March 2014
27/1 XX Enrolment Night
3/2 C1 Scottish jig: The Steamboat [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
10/2 XX Mid Term: No Class
17/2 C2 Shetland air: The Bride's a Bonnie Thing [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
24/2 C3 Old fashioned waltz: Waves of the Danube [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
3/3 C4 Irish air: The Wind from the South [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
10/3 C5 Northumbrian hornpipe: The Redesdale Hornpipe [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
17/3 C6 Chords Workshop
24/3 C7 French waltz: Waltz of the Little Girls [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
31/3 C8 Classical piece: Greig's Serenade [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
Name: GFW Int Mandolin
Location: Stow College
Day: Mondays
Time: 7.30 - 9.15
Last updated: 12th May 2014 11.05pm

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |