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Craigie Whistlers Improvers Whistle

Craigie Whistlers Improvers Whistle: Music

This page is for Craigie Whistlers Improvers Class members and contains music sheets for downloading, sound files, and so on.

No.   Tunes  Download
Download sheets 01 - 10 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
01 Angels of Dunblane/ Atholl Braes [STD] [WHI] [MP3] / [MP3]
02 Bill Collins/ Jimmy Ward's [STD] [WHI] [MP3] / [MP3]
03 Spootiskerry/ Willafjord [STD] [WHI] [MP3] / [MP3]
04 The Flitter Dance [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
05 Both Sides the Tweed
Harmony 1Harmony 2
[STD] [WHI] [MP3]
[MP3] • [MP3]
06 Mucking of Geordie's Byre/Scarce o' Tatties [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
07 The Glenside Polkas [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
08 Garbebylatten • Trallern [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
09 Morrison's Jig • The Oyster Girl [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
10 Jock o' Hazeldean/ Rothesay Bay [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
Download sheets 11 - 20 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
11 The Landlady of Inver Inn • Flowers of Edinburgh [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
13 The Ross Memorial Hospital [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
14 Lord Inchiquin [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
15 Donald MacPherson's • Campbell's Farewell [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
16 Her Mantle So Green [STD] [WHI] [MP3] [MP3 2]
17 Yellow Haired Laddie • Lass o' Patie's Mill [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
18 The Eavesdropper • Drummond Castle [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
19 Teribus • Sweet Maid of Glendaruel [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
20 The Sleeping Tune • Lochanside [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
Download sheets 21 - 30 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
21 Neevie Neevie Nick Nack • The Old Grey Cat [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
22 Drowsy Maggie • O'Connell's Welcome to Parliament [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
23 East Parkside [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
24 Scalloway Voe • Steer Kimmer [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
25 Mozart Andante [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
26 Miss Jessie Smith/Wind That Shakes the Barley [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
27 Christchurch Cathedral • Elsie Marley [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
28 Down By the Salley Garden [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
29 Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
30 Jack is Yet Alive • Mary Thorburn Cunningham [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
Download sheets 31 - 40 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
31 Purcell Minuet [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
32 Ashokan Farewell [STD] [WHI]
33 Castle Kelly • Castleisland Polka [STD] [WHI] [MP3] • [MP3]
34 The Mill, Mill, O [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
35 My Beautiful Mandolin Friend [WHI] [STD] [MP3] [MP3 2]
36 Sarah's Song [WHI] [STD] [MP3] [MP3 2]
37 Burning of the Piper's Hut/Smith's a Gallant [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
38 Morgan Magan [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
39 Leaving Barra [WHI] [STD]
40 Jeanie Through the Night [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
Download sheets 41 - 50 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
41 Waltz Efter Soling Anders [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
42 Gavotte (Handel) [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
43 The Heights of Cassino [WHI] [STD]
44 It's Nigel's Round [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
45 Beethoven Romanza [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
46 Morenita do Brazil [WHI] [STD]
47 The Chapel Bell/Larry Redican's [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
48 John Stephen of Chance Inn • Master Francis Sitwell [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
49 The Furrow's End [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
50 Will Ye Go To Flanders? [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
Download sheets 51 - 60 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
51 Pacific Slope Reel • Uncle Henry's Reel [WHI] [STD] [MP3] • [MP3]
52 Rossini Tirolese [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
53 Mrs Scott Skinner [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
54 Huntingtone Castle [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
55 Passepied (Campra) [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
56 Carolan's Draught [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
57 Tweedside [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
58 Trip to Pakistan • Da Caald Nights o' Winter [WHI] [STD]
59 Banish Misfortune • Gori More [WHI] [STD]
60 Huntly Lodge/Dalkeith House [WHI] [STD]
  Download sheets 61 - 70 in one PDF file: [WHI] [STD]
61 Rejouissance [WHI] [STD]
62 Loch Leven Castle [WHI] [STD]
63 The Marino Waltz [WHI] [STD]
64 The Hills of Mull [WHI] [STD]
65 Leone de Naples [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
66 Bright Star in Cepheus [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
67 The Bergen [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
68 Tricia's Song [STD] [WHI]
69 Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt? • Mountain Top [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
70 The Fairy Tune • The Heathery Breeze [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
71 The Piper's Chair/Gander in the Pratie Hole [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
72 The Ballyfin Slide/Cock o' the North [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
73 Planxty George Brabazon • O'Rourke's Feast [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
74 Hag at the Spinning Wheel [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
75 The Oi Song [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
  • [STD] = standard notation with chords
  • [WHI] = standard notation & whistle notation (letters)
  • [MP3] = MP3 soundfile
Name: Improvers Whistle
Location: Craigroyston School
Day: Thursdays
Time: 10.45-11.45am
Last update: 24th Apr 2017

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |