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Crieff Community Band

Crieff Community Band: "Bonnie Strathearn"

"Bonnie Strathearn" is a project put together by Nigel Gatherer which will feature the Crieff Community Band playing music and song of Crieff and the Strathearn area. The project is at the planning and research phase, and more details will be given as they form. The concert will take place in the Old Library in Crieff on September 8th 2012. If you wish to book tickets, email Nigel Gatherer and he will get back to you.

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Code   Sheet
Playlist (final) [PDF] update: 27/8/12
01 Pibroch Drummond set [STD] [TAB] update: 12/4/12
02 Alligan set [STD] [TAB] [BGP] update: 27/8/12
03 MacRosty Park set set [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [BGP] update: 26/8/12
04 Strathearn [STD] [TAB] [WHI] update: 11/5/12
05 Blythe Was She [STD] [TAB] [WHI - D] [WHI - A] [MP3] update: 11/5/12
06 General Campbell set [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3] update: 25/5/12
07 Lady Nairne Medley [STD] [TAB] update: 16/8/12
08 Come By the Hills [STD] [TAB] update: 17/8/12
  • [STD] = standard notation with chords
  • [TAB] = standard notation & mandolin tablature with chords
  • [WHIn] = standard notation & whistle notation (numbers)
  • [BGP] = bagpipe music
  • [MP3] = MP3 soundfile

Last updated: 29th Aug 2012 10.00pm

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