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References: Contributors:
CRE: Ceol Rince na hEireann
DMI: O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)
OMI: O'Neill's Music of Ireland ()
MFI: Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland, 4 vols (c1970s)
NF: The Northern Fiddler
K2v1-4: Kerr's Merry Melodies
Ryan: Ryan's Mammoth Collection
NG: Nigel Gatherer
Last updated: 19th July 2002.

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Allie Crocker 21 NG: Aka Ally Croaker's Favourite or Alley Crocker (K2v1p22).
Bruce Olson: This was a song said to have been written by Larry Grogan after one Ally (Alicia) Croker, and there are single sheet editions from c 1730. Grogan was a gentleman piper of Wexford, Ireland during the early 18th century. Sam Foote for 'An Englishman in Paris', 1753, changed it to Ally Croaker, which was then dubbed 'A New Song'.
Angus Campbell 23 Scottish; Angus Campbell, Glasgow by James Scott Skinner [biog].
Archie Menzies 24 Scottish, by John Lowe
Avalon Quickstep 30 Old-Time, New England
Battle of Aughrim, The 37 Irish. This is a different tune from After the Battle of Aughrim (p21).
Billy In the Lowground 1 42 Old-Time, Bluegrass.
NG: Said to be related to the Scottish strathspey The Braes of Auchtertyre (or Auchentyre - see K2v1p14), which is called The Belles of Tipperary in Ryan (p29).
Bird In the Tree, The 44 Irish
Bitter Creek 45 Texas Style, Old Time
Blackberry Blossom 1 47 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains 51 Old-Time
Bonaparte's Retreat 51 Old-Time
Bonnie Isle o' Whalsay 52 Shetland reel.
Bonnie Kate 53 NG: An Irish variant of a Scottish tune, The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow by Daniel Dow.
Boys of the Lough, The 54 Irish
Breaking Up Christmas 55 Old-Time
Briarpicker Brown 56 Old-Time
Brickyard Joe 56 Old-Time
Bunch of Keys I 59 Irish. NG: An Irish variant of a Scottish tune, The Old Reel.
Bunch of Keys II 59 Old-Time
Camp Chase 62 Old-Time
Chorus Jig 68 British Isles, New England
College Groves 71 Irish
Come Dance and Sing 72 New England
Cricket On the Hearth 78 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Cripple Creek 2 79 Bluegrass; aka Going Up Cripple Creek
Cross Reel 80 Shetland reel.
Cuffey 81 Old-Time
Dailey's Reel 82 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Devil's Dream, The 85 NG: Possibly derived from a Scottish reel called Deil Amang the Tailors.
East Neuk of Fife, The 97 Scottish.
Fairy Dance, The 100 NG: A Scottish dance tune composed by Nathaniel Gow (biog).
Farewell to Ireland 101 NG: Originally a Scottish tune called The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland or A Mhorag am bheil thu ann?
Farewell to Whiskey 102 NG: Originally composed as a slow air or lament by Niel Gow.
Galley Watch, Da 115 Shetland reel.
Gavin McMullen 117 NG: composed by James Scott Skinner [biog].
Ghillie Callum 53 Sword Dance; Tail Toddle
Gladstone 121 NG: Aka A A Gladstone, Glasgow; The Gladstone Reel; Gladstone's Reel, this reel was composed by James Scott Skinner [biog].
Highlandman That Kissed His Grannie 135
Johnny's Gone to France 149
Lady Ann Montgomery 161
Laird o' Drumblair, The 162 NG: composed by James Scott Skinner [biog].
Lasses Trust in Providnece 165 Shetland reel.
Lerwick Lasses, Da 167 Shetland reel.
Loch Earn 172
Loch Lavan Castle 172
Lodge of Glen-Tana, The 109
Lord Gordon's Reel 174 Lord Gordon's
Malcolm Finlay's Reel 183
Mary Walker 184
Mason's Apron, The 185
Millbank Cottage 188
Miss Gray of Carse 121
Miss McLeod's Reel 192
Molly Put the Kettle On 194
Moneymusk 194, 195 The Money Musk; Sir
My Love Is But a Lassie Yet 278
Petronella 216
Pit Hame da Borrowed Claes 219 Shetland reel.
Rose Tree, The 235
Roxburgh Castle 237
Sleep Soond ida Moarnin' 258 Shetland reel.
Soldier's Joy 262
Speed the Plough 264 by John Morehead or Muirhead
Staten Island 266
Tarbolton Reel 273
Tom and Jerry 278
Too Young to Marry 278
Underhill, Da 282 Shetland reel.
White Cockade 291

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