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Old Time, Bluegrass, Texas Style Tunes

References: Contributors:
CRE: Ceol Rince na hEireann
DMI: O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)
OMI: O'Neill's Music of Ireland ()
MFI: Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland, 4 vols (c1970s)
NF: The Northern Fiddler
K2v1-4: Kerr's Merry Melodies
Ryan: Ryan's Mammoth Collection
NG: Nigel Gatherer
Last updated: 17th July 2002.

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Angeline the Baker 1 22 Old-Time
Angeline the Baker 2 22 Old-Time
Apple Blossom 24 Texas Style
Avalanche 28 by Vassar Clements; Bluegrass
Avalon Quickstep 30 Old-Time, New England
Back Step Cindy 30 Old-Time
Back Up and Push 31 Bluegrass
Baker's Breakdown 32 by Kenny Baker and Bill Monroe; Bluegrass
Barbara's Fancy 35 Old-Time
Barlow Knife 35 Old-Time
Beaumont Rag 38 Bluegrass, Texas Style, Western Swing
Betty Liken 39 Old-Time
Big Sandy River 40 by Kenny Baker and Bill Monroe
Big Sciotty, The 41 Old-Time
Bill Cheatham 1 41 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Bill Cheatham 2 42 Bluegrass
Billy In the Lowground 1 42 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Billy In the Lowground 2 43 Old-Time
Birdie A 43 Old-Time
Birdie B 44 Bluegrass
Bitter Creek 45 Texas Style, Old Time
Black and White Rag 45 Texas Style, Western Swing
Blackberry Blossom 1 47 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Black Eyed Suzie 47 Old-Time
Black Mountain Rag 48 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Bluegrass In the Backwoods 49 by Kenny Baker; Bluegrass
Boatin' Up Sandy 50 Old-Time
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine 51 Old-Time. This is a version of a Scottish tune, Caledonian March (K2v1p...)
Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains 51 Old-Time
Bonaparte's Retreat 51 Old-Time
Breaking Up Christmas 55 Old-Time
Briarpicker Brown 56 Old-Time
Brickyard Joe 56 Old-Time
Brilliancy Medley 57 Old-Time, Texas Style
Bull At the Wagon 58 Old-Time
Bunch of Keys II 59 Old-Time
Cacklin' Hen 60 Bluegrass
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap 61 This was originally a Scottish pipe march called Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle, but has been absorbed into old time fiddling repertoire. Aka Steph's Reel
Camp Chase 62 Old-Time
Carroll County Blues 63 Old-Time
Cattle In the Cane 63 Bluegrass
Cherokee Shuffle 65 Old-Time
Chicken Reel 66 American
Chinese Breakdown 67 Old-Time
Colored Aristocracy 72 Old-Time
Country Waltz 77 American
Crazy Creek 77 Bluegrass
Cricket On the Hearth 78 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Cripple Creek 1 79 Old-Time
Cripple Creek 2 79 Bluegrass; aka Going Up Cripple Creek
Cross Eyed Fiddler 80 by Kenny Baker; Bluegrass
Cuffey 81 Old-Time
Cumberland Gap 82 Old-Time
Dailey's Reel 82 Old-Time, Bluegrass
Dallas Rag 83 Old-Time
Devil's Dream, The 85
Fourth of July 278
Midnight Serenade 278
Tom and Jerry 278

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