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The Fiddler's Fakebook was compiled by David Brody and published in 1983. The intention was to put together a collection of the most commonly played fiddle tunes in the US, taken from a wide range of contemporary and re-released recordings. There is a mixed reaction to the collection from seasoned players, some of whom dispute the settings given, but it is a well-regarded book by most ordinary musicians, who are given access to hundreds of excellent fiddle tunes.

Like other books in my collections, as I played through the tunes in the book, I recognized various tunes and scribbled alternative names and settings in the margins. Since then I have enhanced my own notes with the comments of other people, and, in the hope that others might find our findings of use, I publish them here as reference. This is a long-term project, the first drafts of which have only been started. If anyone has anything new to add, or has any other constructive criticism, email me.

Nigel Gatherer