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References: Contributors:
CRE: Ceol Rince na hEireann
DMI: O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)
OMI: O'Neill's Music of Ireland ()
MFI: Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland, 4 vols (c1970s)
NF: The Northern Fiddler
K2v1-4: Kerr's Merry Melodies
K2v6: Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
Ryan: Ryan's Mammoth Collection
NG: Nigel Gatherer
CMA: Caoimhín Mac Aoidh
PdG: Paul de Grae
PV: Philippe Varlet
BB: Breandan Breathnach
HH: Hal Hughes
DM: Don Meade
Last updated: 12th December 2004.

Strathspeys & Flings
Name Ryan Coles Notes
Bonnie Lassie 168 -- DM: Usually known as Miss Lyall (as in Kerr's I). O'Neill's reel setting is Paddy Ryan's Dream.
Braes of Bushbie, The 167 128 DM: The orignal of Dowd's Favorite, a reel recorded by Michael Coleman.
NG: Published in Scottish fiddler John Bowie's 1789 collection, and was said to have been a favourite of Niel Gow. There is a village outside Glasgow called Busbie or Busby.
Here Awa' ("Fling") 170 -- DM: Frank Roche's Favourite (Roche collection), Lady Ann Hope (Kerr's I).
I'll Cloot My Johnny's
Gery Breeks
167 127 DM: Strathspey version of The Rose Tree in Full Bearing, AKA Port Lairge, etc. "Gery" is probably a misprint for "Grey."
Loch Eroch Side 167 128 DM: The original of the polka The Lakes of Sligo.
Miss Drummond of Perth 164 125 DM: AKA Titanic in Donegal, Devil in the Kitchen in Cape Breton.
Neal Gow's Wife 165 126 DM: O'Neill's The Watchmaker.
NG: Properly Niel Gow's Wife [K2v1p13], composed by Duncan McIntyre. This tune, along with Jenny's Bawbee [K2v1p4] and Loudon's Bonnie Woods [K2v1p19], is played as The Shamrock and Thistle Highlands by Donegal fiddler Danny O'Donnell. It's also played as a reel in Ireland under the name The Watchmaker.
Roy's Wife 162 123 DM: "as played by Niel Gow" First part is that of Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch (Ryan p173) in another key.
Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch
173 -- DM: See notes for Roy's Wife (Ryan p162).
Name Ryan Coles Notes
Chorus Jig 174 -- DM: O'Neill's Chorus Reel is another version. The true jig setting of this tune is in many Scottish collections. The Irish version of the jig is The Kilfenora. A Donegal version of the reel is The Glen Road to Carrick.

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