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Jigs in The Northern Fiddler
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Bargain Is Over, The 181 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: This jig is more commonly known in Irish as Ta Do Mharagadh Deanta and also forms a song air of the same name and can be heard on an early Clannad record. It is the Scottish jig commonly called The Royal Charlie after the dance done to it.
Nigel Gatherer: Aka Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
Andrew Kuntz: Aka The Match Has Been Made.
Billy Rush's Jig 182 Danny O'Donnell
Boys Of the Town, The 229 John McKeown Nigel Gatherer: In DMI89.
Bundle and Go 85 John Doherty
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Con Cassidy's Jig 151 Con Cassidy Mick Brown: Related to the quadrille tune, p93.
Recordings: Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (1981)
Connaught Man's Rambles, The 229 Peter Turbit Mick Brown: This tune was commonly played in the key of C at one time - this version is almost in C.
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Darby Gallagher's Jig 57 John Doherty Nigel Gatherer: Aka East At Glendart, The Humours of Glendart, Shins Around the Fire, Tim the Piper.
Follow Me Down to Limerick 99 Simon Doherty Mick Brown: Martin Hayes plays two parts of this jig as Kitty Come Down to Limerick (on 'Under the Moon'). I have heard him introduce the tune as a Donegal tune, "learnt from the fairies".
Larry Sanger: Can also be heard on the James Kelly/Paddy O'Brien double-length CD, 'Traditional Music of Ireland' where the version played is described as a "Donegal setting."
Gallacher's March 85 John Doherty Larry Sanger: Better known as Hiudaí Gallagher's, and also called Murphy's Delight.
Mick Brown: This title is associated elsewhere with the jig The Creel of Turf (CRE II, 52).
Gallacher's March 175 Francie & Mickey Byrne See notes above.
Gander's Strut, The 246 Peter Turbit
Grania's Welcome Home
(March, Jig and Reel)
86 John Doherty Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Translation of Failte Romhat in do Bhaile a' Ghrainne.
Mick Brown: The Jig part of this piece is in O'Neill's as Johnny the Jumper (DMI, 297).
Gusty's Frolics 58 John Doherty
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Hardiman's Fancy 182 Danny O'Donnell
Hare In the Corn, The 69 John Doherty Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Aka The Maid in the Cherry Tree.
Heart of Me Kitty, The 99 Simon Doherty
Humours of Glendart 230 John McKeown Nigel Gatherer: Aka East at Glendart and Tim the Piper (both DMI).
Humours of Whiskey, The 159 Francie & Mickey Byrne
Hunt of the Hound and the Hare, The 95 John Doherty Mick Brown: The Jig part of this piece is in O'Neill's (DMI, 254).
Nigel Gatherer: The first strain is The Hare Among the Corn, probably Scottish.
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Kilrane Jig, The
(King of the Pipers)
57 John Doherty Mick Brown: Also called Frank a' Phoill, or what may originally have been Frank a' Feoil. The man concerned was a butcher (Feoil=meat).
King Billy's March 110 Simon Doherty Nigel Gatherer: Found in DMI as The Victor's Return and recorded by De Danann as Mac's Fancy, but stems from a Scottish march, Lord MacDonald's March to Harlaw.
King of the Pipers
(The Kilrane Jig)
57 John Doherty Mick Brown: Also called Frank a' Phoill, or what may originally have been Frank a' Feoil. The man concerned was a butcher (Feoil=meat).
King of the Pipers 177 Francie & Mickey Byrne
King William's Rambles 176 Francie & Mickey Byrne Larry Sanger: Seems to contain elements of the jig part of Welcome Home Grainne (p86), and also of the jig Langstrom's Pony (CRE II, 46).
Kiss the Maid Behind the Byre 58 John Doherty Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: This is the well known Scottish jig I Lost My Love; see Kerr's MM1. This tune has numerous songs sung to it in both Ireland and Scotland and in both English and Gaelic in each country. (CMA)
Knights of St Patrick, The 59 John Doherty
Knights of St Patrick, The 100 Simon Doherty
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Ladies of Carrick, The 159 Francie & Mickey Byrne
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Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife
(1st version)
183 Danny O'Donnell
Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife
(2nd version)
183 Danny O'Donnell
Milestone Jig, The
(composed by Arthur Darley)
184 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Having spoken with Danny O'Donnell he confirms some confusion by the authors in picking up the title and history of this piece. The tune in fact is a composition of Arthur Darley and is correctly titled The Donegal Jig. The mistaken title The Milestone arose from Danny's discussion on another tune, a reel, The Four Milestone which appeared in print in the Roche collection.
Monaghan Switch, The 70 John Doherty Mick Brown: This tune is in Ryan's/Cole's as Our BoysIt was called Piobaire Mhaire Bhain in Teelin, where it was associated with a local story. (Lilted by Peadar O'Beirne (Peadar Johnny Johndai), Teelin, for Radio Teilifis Eireann, 1948).
Morning Dew, The 166 Francie & Mickey Byrne Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: The Tune titles The Mary of the Wisp (more commonly known in the locality under its Irish title - Maire na Sop) and Moll na Tiarna (note Tiarna is a single word and not 2 as printed) are reversed on the two tunes. They should be titled the other way around.
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Paddy's Rambles Through the Park 96 John Doherty
Paidin O'Rafferty 60 John Doherty
Piping Jig 185 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: This is a modern composition, MacLeod of Mull in honour of accordionist Bobby MacLeod, composed and published by pipe major Donald McLeod in the 50's/60s.
Policeman's Holiday 61a John Doherty
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Rory O'More 159 Francie & Mickey Byrne
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Sporting Days of Easter 240 John Loughran
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Turniskey Lasses 241 Peter Turbit Mick Brown: See The Tirnaskea Lasses (CRE IV, 202).
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Untitled Double Jig 62 John Doherty Larry Sanger: Another tune called The King of the Pipers.
Paul de Grae: CRE II 45.
Untitled Double Jig 160 Francie & Mickey Byrne Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: This is the very well known Rogaire Dubh (English trans = The Black Rogue). It is known in Scotland as Johnnie McGill (this name suggests Donegal connections and it is certainly impossible to figure out whether the tune is Scottish or Donegal - the point here being irrelevant), but the fact is that it is well known in Scotland an Donegal and appears in the Scottish Atholl and Skye Collections under that title and in various Irish, including O'Neill's collections under the title in Irish.
Paul de Grae: Black Rogue; compare Paddy the Weaver, WSGM 134.
Untitled Double Jig 186 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Regularly played in this setting in Donegal. The first part apears to be a variant of The Frost is All Over while part 2 is the same as one of a couple of tunes which go under the title Munster Buttermilk.
Paul de Grae: Here's Good Health to the Piper/Piper's Maggot (MOI 1150; WSGM 209).
Philippe Varlet: Munster Buttermilk/Sports of Multyfarnham (CRE I 43; IFB 131).
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Untitled Jig 100b Simon Doherty Paul de Grae: This is Idle Road (DMI 101; MOI 839).
Untitled Jig 100c Simon Doherty Paul de Grae: This is a variant of Kitty's Rambles; compare CRE II 36; DMI 5; MOI 1043; and The Heart of My Kitty for Me, WSGM 65.
Larry Sanger: The "1" and "2" above the end of the A part is over one measure too far. Just play the measure under the "1" as the ending of the second time through the A part and it works.
Mick Brown: A somewhat different two-part version of this tune was played by John Doherty.
Untitled Jig 101 Simon Doherty Paul de Grae: 1st two parts are Shandon Bells (DMI 1, MOI 814); last two parts are Young Tim Murphy or Paddy's Return in reverse order (DMI 134, MOI 883); 3rd part is variant of the latter.
Untitled Jig 151 Con Cassidy Paul de Grae: This is Rakes of Clonmel (DMI 149; MOI 902).
Larry Sanger: Mickey Doherty played a different version (about the same as the Rakes of Clonmel in MOI) of this tune and called it The Merry Widow.
Untitled Jig 152a Con Cassidy Nigel Gatherer: This is in DMI as The Basket of Turf, with the alternative titles of The Unfortunate Rake, The Wee Wee Man, and Bundle and Go (but not the same tune as Bundle and Go on p85).
Paul de Grae: Basket of Turf/Bundle and Go/Unfortunate Rake (CRE II 52; DMI 32; MOI 735, 970); compare Winter Garden Quadrille III, WSGM 97.
Mick Brown: This tune was played in this key in Glencolmcille/Kilcar (as recorded by James Byrne on 'The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. II').
Untitled Jig 152b Con Cassidy Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: The second part of this highland is a version of the second part of Alister McAlister. Mick Brown: Incorrectly transcribed. This is a highland Con called Paddy Barron's Highland, after a neighbour who played a bit. Con reckoned the tune came to Teelin from Malinbeg. The tune is regarded by some as a composition of John Mhosai. It was played widely in this version in Glencolmcille, and in a second version, as recorded by James Byrne on 'The Road to Glenlough' (the second of Mick Carr's Highlands). Apart from the above, I wouldn't agree that the second part of the highland is related to the second part of Alister McAlister?
Nigel Gatherer: I tend to agree with Mick; I can't see the resemblance to Alister McAlister.
Untitled Jig 230b John Loughran
Untitled Jig 230c Peter Turbit Philippe Varlet: Ann's Gosling.
Untitled Jig 231a John Loughran
Untitled Jig 231b Peter Turbit Mick Brown: The Miners of Wicklow (noted by Breathnach in his personal copy of The Northern Fiddler).
Untitled Jig 231c Peter Turbit Paul de Grae: Delaney's Drummers/Mug of Brown Ale (DMI 305).
Untitled Jig 232a John McKeown Paul de Grae: Gold Ring/Old Gold Ring (CRE I 47).
Untitled Jig 232b Peter Turbit
Untitled Jig 233a Peter Turbit Paul de Grae: This is Scotsman Over the Border.
Untitled Jig 233b Peter Turbit Paul de Grae: This is Bobby/Scully Casey's Jig (CRE III 16).
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Untitled Slip Jig 61b John Doherty Larry Sanger: The first part of this greatly resembles the first part of Langstrom's Pony and if that's what John was playing, it's a double jig, not a slip jig. (Which solves the problem the authors note in writing, "The last three notes of bars 2 & 4 are redundant. The player may have had bars 8 & 12 in mind.") However, the second part greatly resembles the second part of Drops of Brandy, which is a slip jig. I won't speculate about what John truly intended to be playing!
Untitled Slip Jig 61c John Doherty Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Shares its second part with The Humours of Whiskey which was passed on dominantly by the Deargs (Byrne Brothers) of Kilcar. This setting by John is called (John always used this name) Sally Hegarty's after a 10 key melodeon player from Teelin.
Paul de Grae: Aka High Road to Dublin/Sally Hegarty's in CRE II 97.
Untitled Slip Jig 160b Francie & Mickey Byrne Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Con's Doodley, Doodley, Dank as can be heard on 'The Brass Fiddle'.
Larry Sanger: Called The Cock and Hen in Ryan.
Mick Brown: Doodley Doodley Dank had nonsense words to it. It was lilted in Teelin to put babies to sleep. Francie Dearg himself regarded it as a tune from the lilting tradition.
Untitled Slip Jig 160c Francie & Mickey Byrne Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: This is Mo Chroi 's Mo Bhonnaidh (English trans = My Love and My Sweetheart -- which title in post Divorce Referendum Ireland should be noted inferred to the older players who used it signaled one and the same person!)
Paul de Grae: Hardiman the Fiddler (DMI 412; IFB 137; MOI 1117).
Untitled Slip Jig 185 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: Possibly a version in the key of A of The Drops of Brandy.
Nigel Gatherer: This is The Piper's Maggot (KMM2p27).
Untitled Slip Jig 186 Danny O'Donnell Caoimh地 Mac Aoidh: May well be 9/8 version of the well known (at least it was the rage in the 60's-70's) Bill Harte's Jig. Paul de Grae: Last Night's Fun/Miss Brown's Fancy (CRE II 107; DMI 452; WSGM 201).
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