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DMI = O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland
OMI = O'Neill's Music of Ireland
KMM = Kerr's Merry Melodies
Ryan = Ryan's Mammoth Collection/Coles 1000 Fiddle Tunes
Allan = Allan's Irish Fiddler
CRE = Ceol Rince na hEireann

NG = Nigel Gatherer
PdG = Paul de Grae
PV = Philippe Varlet
KH = Kenny Hadden

All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 14th July 2013

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Tune Title Book Notes
All Around the World B1,29 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
NG: Aka The Wise Maid.
Recordings: Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina (1988).
Frankie Gavin/Paul Brock, Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986).
Planxy: First Album (1973).
Ambrose Maloney's B4,27
An Moinfheir B3,40 PdG: "...a Seán Ryan composition called The Trip to Nenagh, HI p31."
Recordings: Sean Ryan, Back Home to the Cliffs of Moher (1972); Finbar Dwyer, Irish Traditional Accordion (1970); John Regan, Fleadh '70
Anderson's B4,10 PdG: Aka Michael Anderson's. Denis Murphy recorded it as Pretty Girls of the Village (abc)
MF: Michael Anderson was a Sligo piper living around the turn of the century. According to the stories in Harry Bradshaw's biography of Michael Coleman (in which there is a photo of Anderson) he was something of an influence on Coleman's playing.
Ash Plant, The B1,30 From John Doonan.
PdG: Called Dicky Sherlock's in CRE2,200 from the fiddle playing of John Loughran. The Ash Plant in CRE1,116, is a different tune.
PV: This is the only place so far where I've seen it called The Ash Plant. It's often called Matt Molloy's, but Vincent Griffin called it The Night in Ennis on his Topic LP and I have been using that title for it.
JL: Called Reel On Mandolin (!) on a Mick Moloney record.
Aughdarra, The B4,12 From Charlie Lennon (fiddle).
NG: Aka The Otter's Holt (CRE3,185); The Otter's Nest; The Water Dog's Hole On the Matt Molloy/ Donal Lunny LP it's called Ríl an Madra Uisce.
PdG: Composed by Junior Crehan. The Water Dog's Hole is an over-literal back-translation of Breathnach's translation.
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's
Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny
Bean A Ti Ar Lar B1,39 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle). (abc) PV: Aka The Mistress on the Floor. Recorded by Tommy Peoples and De Danann, they both credit John Doherty as the source. It's also in CRE2, 199. Recordings: Tommy Peoples (1976); De Danann, Selected Jigs (1978); Roaring Mary
Beech Tree, The B4,42 From Neil Sharpley (banjo).
Big Reel of Callightown B1,46
Billy Brocker B4,32 Alan Ng: Morton O'Kelly of the group Innisheer called this Billy Bunker. He also reports another alternative title, The Budgie On the Griddle. Billy Brocker is similar to Kiss the Bride in Bed aka Kilfrush.
PV: Kevin Burke played [this] with the Bothy Band as Billy Banker
Bobby Casey's B2,31 From Bobby Casey (fiddle).
PdG: "[This]...is Michael Dwyer's Reel, or The Crosses of Annagh, composed by the late Michael Dwyer, brother of Finbar, Richard and John - not to be confused with the other Crosses of Annagh reel. A.k.a. The Hump in the Bed (from our pal Kevin Ryan, who learned the tune from the late Eamonn Coyne of the Liverpool Ceili Band)."
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Bobby Casey's B4,21 From Bobby Casey (fiddle). PdG: Cut from the same cloth as The Flowers of Limerick.
Boston Boys, The B4,35 From Paddy Cronin (fiddle).
Boys of Ballinahinch B2,15 From John Ferguson (accordion).
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Boys of Ballisodare B1,13 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: Called The Dublin Lasses in O'Neill (DMI 587,
MOI 1328), and there in the key of F.
Bucks of Oranmore B1,20 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Click here for abc of another version learned by Shelley Connelly from Oisin MacDiarmada.
Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Bunch of Keys. The B1,16 From Paddy Ryan.
NG: Known in Scotland as The Old Reel or The Cairngorm Brooch.
PdG: Aka The Flowers of Limerick and The Telephone. Also, I dimly and perhaps mistakenly recall The Yellow Heifer as being another title for this tune.
JL: Played as an American old-time tune called Paddy On the Turnpike.
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Burren, The B4,34 From Cathal McConnell (flute).
PdG: Aka Thady Casey's Fancy in CRE3,160.
DL: Aka Thady Casey's Fancy. The Pride of Erin Ceili Band called it The Rising Sun. Recordings:
Pride of Erin Ceili Band: Harvest Time in Ireland
Caher Rua B1,49 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
Callaghan's B1,47 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: "...also called The Doon Reel - here's what Breathnach says about this tune in CRE2: "The Doon Reel, from Denis Murphy (fiddle), Gneeveguilla, County Kerry, X, 1966. The first part is related to Kate Kelly's Fancy and Nellie Donovan (DMI 483 and 638) and to The Ravelled Hank of Yarn (CRE, 102). D.M. got it from Pádraig O'Keeffe and P.O'K. got it from "my uncle in Doon", that is, the Callaghan referred to in No. 131 above. Confusingly, there are several Callaghan's and at least two Doon reels.
Callaghan's B4,3 From Mick O'Connor (banjo).
This is the tune in CRE2,131, mentioned above.
Castle, The B2,2 From John Ferguson (accordion).
NG: Aka Carty's Reel or Kathy's Reel (CRE2,294).
DL: I think I may have seen Micho Russell's Ash Plant applied to this reel, but I'm not able to verify that right now, so take that with a grain of salt. Recordings:
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Charlie Lennon's B2,25 From Charlie Lennon (fiddle).
PdG: Called McDonagh's in CRE3,207.
Recordings: Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny
Charlie Lennon's No.2 B4,14 From Charlie Lennon (fiddle).
PdG: Sweeney's Buttermilk, comp. Brendan McGlinchy.
Christmas Eve B2,10 PdG: Aka Tommy Coen's Reel, comp. by
East Galway fiddler Tommy Coen.
Coachman's Whip B3,18 From Eamon Coyne.
PdG: Comp. by Vincent Broderick.
Connamara Stockings B2,4 PdG: Aka Winter Apples (DMI732, MOI 1513).
Conolon's Dream B1,28 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
PdG: Aka Sword In Hand (CRE1,144); Breathnach also gives my favourite alternative title, The Little Pig Lamenting the Empty Trough.
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Croghan Hill B4,1 From Pat Neilly (fiddle).
PdG: Speed the Plough, a.k.a. God Speed the Plough, attributed by some to John Moorhead of Armagh, c. 1799; others say it's Scottish.
Cronin's B4,15
Cronin's Reel B3,20 From Jim McHugh (fiddle)
Crossing the Shannon B3,39
Crowley's No.2 B3,19 From Michael Coleman.
Dairymaid, The B3,38 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
PdG: Aka Maids of Tipperary (O'Neill, WS246) and Kiss the Bride In the Bed (CRE1,150).
Dan Breen's B1,35 NG: Aka Breen's.
Recording: The Chieftains 1;
Altan: The Red Crow
Danny Meehan's B4,41 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: Aka The Gowel Reel (CRE1,172) and McCahill's Reel (CRE3,142). "The first part of this is the same as that of McFadden's Favourite (DMI 716)", says Breathnach.
KH: This reel...I believe is from Donegal...It was popular with North of Ireland musicians around the time that [Peoples's High Part of the Road] was released, and this version is as I remember Desi Wilkinson playing it. Bulmer & Sharpley...call it Danny Meehan's, which would support the Donegal hypothesis.
Tommy Peoples, The High Part of the Road (1976).
Dawn, The B1,52 NG: Aka Miller's Reel.
PdG: "Often confused with "the other Dawn", Seán Ryan's Twilight in Portroe ('The Hidden Ireland', p.33), which is called Michael Rilly's in Vol. 3.
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Denis Murphy's B3,25 PdG: Aka Jackson's, one of two or three tunes of that name Associated with Tommy Peoples; Untitled in CRE2,207, from Tommy Peoples, and Jackson's in 'Play 50 Reels' (Armagh Pipers Club).
Frankie Gavin/Alec Finn (1977)
Dick Gossip B1,17 From Pat Neilly (fiddle) (abc). PV: Aka The Castle Reel.
Peter Damashek: Aka The First Cup.
Katherine Cleary: According to Paddy O'Brien's tune collection, the reel is named after a famous 18th century highwayman from South Tyrone/Fermanagh.
Caoimhin Mac Aoidh: Found in the Gunn or Hare Island manuscript collection sourced from a strong nest of fiddlers from around the end of the 1880s living in the area of Hare Island in Co. Fermanagh. Recordings: L E McCullough, Late Bloomer (1984); Jimmy Power, Irish Fiddle Player
Dowd's Favourite B2,5 From Hughie Gillespie.
Dowd's No.9 B4,16 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PdG: "Called Summer in Ireland in CRE2,165, and was composed (I think) by Sligo fiddler John O'Dowd; I've never heard mention of Dowd's 1-8!"
Frankie Gavin/Paul Brock, Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986)
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Down the Broom B1,11 From Paddy Killoran. (abc)
Droney's Favourite B4,6 From Chris Droney (concertina).
Dublin Reel B1,33 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PdG: "This is another Jackson's (CRE3,102). Called The Dublin Reel in O'Neill, Miss Daly and Blodgett's in 'Ryan's Mammoth Collection'."
Recordings: Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina (1988)
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Duke of Leinster's Wife B3,6 TK: Aka The Ladie's Pantalettes. It is frequently paired with The Duke of Leinster. It was recorded by Michael Coleman in 1927, and by Catherine McEvoy on her recent album with Felix Dolan.
Recordings: Planxty, The Woman I Loved So Well (1980)
Dwyer's No.1 B2,13 From Mick Shannon.
PdG: Aka The Holly Bush, comp. Finbar Dwyer.
Eel in the Sink, The B4,33 Aka The Irishman's Blackthorn, CRE2,244 (PdG).
Eileen Curran B1,36 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds. Aka The Sailor's Return (DMI 625, MOI 1375) (PdG).
Fahey's B3,34
Farewell to Cailroe B4,18 From Sean McGuire (fiddle) (abc).
Farewell to Connaught B1,38
Father Kelly's No.1 B3,1 TK: This was called The Rossmore Jetty by Father Kelly himself. According to legend/rumor, he is still alive and working as a missionary somewhere in the South Pacific.
abc for this tune.
Father Kelly's No.2 B3,2 From Eamon Coyne.
Floating Crowbar, The B4,24 From Paddy Ryan (fiddle).
Recordings: Artie McGlynn, McGlynn's Fancy (1994)
Flying Column, The B3,17 PdG: "This is actually Farewell to Erin with the parts reversed. At least, Farewell to Erin is the title in O'Neill (DMI 701, MOI 1472), while Breathnach calls it Austin Tierney's in CRE3, 111. There is another tune called Farewell to Erin in CRE1, 139. To confuse things a little more - a while ago Paul Cranford sent me a tune to identify which turned out to be the CRE 3 Farewell to Erin/Austin Tierney's; however, he had also sent it to Philippe, and Philippe made a case for calling it Farewell to Ireland - I forget now what he said. To me this is potentially misleading, as for most people Farewell to Ireland means the tune which is no. 805 in DMI, the one that The Bothy Band recorded; whereas although there are two Farewell to Erins, the other one (CRE 1, 139) is not as well known - I think, anyhow.
The Flying Column is obviously a more recent title than Farewell to Erin and must refer to the IRA flying columns (i.e., mobile attack units) in the War of Independence [in Ireland] 1918-1921.
Frankie Gavin/Alec Finn (1977)
Foxhunters, The B1,51 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Dick Gaughan, Coppers and Brass
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Fred Finn's B3,30 Recordings:
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Furze Bush, The B3,42 From Joe Burke.
Galtee Rangers B3,22 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: Aka The Humours of Galteemore, eg on the Denis Murphy CD.
Gan Ainm B4,11 PdG: This is Killavil or The Killavil Reel (CRE1,147).
DL: The Pride of Erin Ceili Band calls this Fred Finn's #2.
Alan NG: Aka The Killavil Reel; Cill Abhaill; The Killavil Fancy; Mick Finn's; Tilly Finn's.
Recordings: The Pride of Erin Ceili Band: Harvest Time in Ireland; Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1977)
Gan Ainm B4,17 From Seamus Connelly (fiddle).
Gatehouse Maid B3,35
Gillespie's B4,28
Glass of Beer B2,3 From Cathal McConnell (flute).
PdG: Aka McFadden's Reel (2) in CRE3,168. Possibly comp. by John McFadden, a colleague of O'Neill.
PV wrote: "The Glass of Beer is very similar to a tune in O'Neill called Pick Your Partner, the source of which was McFadden." McFadden had a "chronic" (O'Neill's word) habit of variation, so The Glass of Beer could plausibly be one setting of Pick Your Partner.
Glen Allen B2,1 From John Ferguson (accordion).
Glen Road to Carrick B3,28 From John Doherty.
PdG:"Called The Chorus Reel in O'Neill (DMI500, MOI 1223), which indicates its kinship with The Chorus Jig (DMI 342). Another name is On the Road (NFp167)
Glentown B4,31 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: This is one of at least two Sliabh Luachra tunes called The Glountane (or Gleanntán) Reel, named after Pádraig O'Keeffe's birthplace. With the typically off-hand attitude to tune titles in Sliabh Luachra, it's also known as Tom Billy's and Denis Murphy's; Denis himself recorded it as O'Keeffe's Dream on the RTE album 'Denis Murphy: Music from Sliabh Luachra'.
: Aka The Glentown Reel. "I thought the tune went by the name Geoghan's at times, but perhaps doesn't. I think the tune has a different title again on the Dolores Keane/John Faulkner recording (Denis Murphy's, perhaps?). A third part is given in '100 Evergreen Irish Tunes'". (abc)
PV: Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford recorded the tune on 'Star Above the Garter' as Glentaun, and it is called Denis Murphy's on 'Sail Og Rua', although I think it was Jackie Daly and James Kelly playing the tune. Micho Russell also recorded it on his Triskell LP as Martin Howley's Reel. The tune is obviously a variant of Lord McDonald which, if you ignore the octave transposition, really only has two parts.
Golden Keyboard B2,16 From John Ferguson (accordion).
Recordings: Andy McGann/Paul Reynolds (1977)
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Graf Spee, The B3,44 From Tony Smith.
NG: This tune has a vague similarity to Grant's Rant (MacGlashan's Collection of 1778, aka The Grants of Strathspey), which is also related to Green Grow the Rashes. Speculation has arisen that the present name, The Graf Spee, has evolved from the older Grant's of Strathspey title. This is given more credibility with the version in 'The Great Northern Tunebook, Pt 3', where a tune called The Grants of Strathspey is certainly a pregenitor of Graf Spee.
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Kevin Burke/Jackie Daley, Eavesdropper (1981)
Bobby Casey, Taking Flight
Gravel Walk B2,29 From Paddy Ryan.
Green Fields of Glentown B4,39 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PV: Composed by Tommy Peoples.
High Reel B1,7 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: Aka Duffy the Dancer (DMI 721, MOI 1497) and The Gauger (CRE3,140).
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Hills of Clogher B3,7 This is a version of Pigeon On the Gate (PdG).
Holy Land, The B4,13
Humours of Ballyconell B1,37 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PV: It's certainly an old tune. The first version of it I've found in print comes from Daniel Wright's "Aria di Camera" (1927) where it is entitled Role the Rumple Sawny, apparently meaning Roll your Rump, Sandy. Fleischmann never mentions the relation to Humors of Ballyconnell however. There's a completely unrelated tune by a similar title in Fleischmann (1199) from Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion (c1750). Ballyconnell doesn't appear in any of the major collections, Ryan, O'Neill, etc, until Bulmer & Sharpley. The first instance I know of for the Ballyconnell title is on the 78 recording by Michael Coleman and Tom Morrison, where it's spelled Humors of Bally Connoll. On this 1925 recording, the musicians follow it with Captain Rock, better known today as The Old Bush.
Andrew Kuntz: Perhaps you should say Ballyconnell doesn't appear in any of the major Irish collections until B&S, however, it does appear as Humours of Ballyconnell in Kerr's 4th collection from the 1880's (labled as an Irish reel). Humours of Ballyconnell is itself called Captain Rock in Flaherty's collection. Is there a confusion of titles stemming from the Coleman recording?
Humours of Loughrea B3,14 PdG: Aka Tommy Whelan's Reel and The Shores of Lough Reagh (CRÉ3,87).
Humours of Scartaglen B3,21 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: Aka Gleanntán Reel. Recorded by Denis Murphy as The New Post Office. See notes for the other Gleanntán Reel
Recordings: Denis Murphy, Music from Sliabh Luachra.
Humours of Toomagh B1,31 From Cathal McConnell (flute).
PdG: Aka The Cloon (CRE3,132).
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Humours of Tulla, The B3,4
Jackie Coleman's B1,6 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Jackie Coleman's No.2 B3,24 From Seamus Tansy.
Jenny's Chickens B2,18
Jim Seery's B2,14 PdG: "An abbreviated version of Greig's Pipes, comp. by Joshua Campbell (see CRE1,96 and WS288)."
John Brennan's B1,10 Recordings:
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
John Kelly's B3,10 PdG: Aka The Old Concertina [Reel] on a John Kelly recording.
Johnny Cronin's Fancy B4,40 PdG: Aka Kitty O'Neill (WS221), which however lacks the third part.
Jug of Punch, The B4,29 PdG: "Not the usual tune of that name, though it resembles it (compare DMI 758, MOI 1542). Bobby Casey recorded it as Tuttle's Reel; it is untitled in CRE 2,223, in a setting derived from him."
Julia Delaney's B4,4 Recordings: Eileen Ivers (1994).
Kevin Burke, If the Cap Fits...(1978)
Kilfodda, The B4,25 From Larry Redcan (fiddle).
PdG: "Spelt in different ways (inc. even The Cruel Father!). I think The Kilfadda is the usual spelling. Composed by Larry Redican after his mother's birthplace."
Pride of Erin Ceili Band, Harvest Time In Ireland
Killarney Boys of Pleasure B1,40 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
Killavil Fancy B1,24 Recordings:
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Kitty Goes A-Milking B1,25 From Frank O'Higgins.
Recordings: The Chieftains 1.
Knotted Cord B1,22
Lady Anne Montgomery B2,22 From Matt Molloy (flute).
Last Night's Fun B3,27 From Joe Burke.
PdG: "Breathnach has two tunes of this name in CRE3: No,193 is the same as this one, and No.97 is a different tune (aka The Wexford Reel). There is also a slip jig called Last Night's Fun."
Recordings: Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina (1988)
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Last Night's Joy B4,36
Liffey Banks B2,23
Little Heathy Hill, The B1,78 From John Doonan.
Log Cabin, The B4,22 From Mick O'Connor (banjo).
Lucky in Love B2,20 From Charlie Lennon (fiddle).
Mama's Pet B1,34 From Pat O'Brien. HN lists a variation.
PdG: Aka Timothy Downing (MOI 1334) and Downing's Reel (DMI 591) - named after the neighbouring gentleman farmer who taught the young Francis O'Neill the rudiments of the flute; Mama's Pet in WS.
Martin Wynne's No.2 B2,14
Mary McMahone B2,24
Mary of the Grove B3,15
Master Crowley's B1,44 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: Aka Miss Patterson (MOI 1407), The Bluebells (CRE2,227), Miss Patterson's Slipper (CRE3,180). Often played with The Roscommon Reel as a single 4-pt reel (see NFp71); this combination is usually (but not always) called Miss Patterson's Slipper.
Matt Molloy's B4,19 From Matt Molloy (flute).
Matt Molloy's B4,23 From Matt Molloy (flute).
McMahon's B1,4 From John Doonan.
PdG: Composed by James McMahon, who was derisively christened The Banshee by a ceili band announcer who didn't like him, or the tune, or both. Several of McMahon's other compositions are in CRE4.
Dick Gaughan, Coppers and Brass.
Theme Code: 116L6L 2253
Michael Rilly's B3,12 This is Twighlight at Portroe, comp. by Seán Ryan (see note on The Dawn)(PdG).
Mick O'Connor's B4,20 From Mick O'Connor (banjo).
LLV: On Mike & Mary Rafferty's CD 'The Dangerous Reel' this tune is called Rafferty's Mustache. Mike Rafferty says, "[This reel was] found by Willie Kelly in a music book and there was no name for [it] so I grew a mustache.". On Altan's 'Horse With a Heart' it's referred to as "another Northern reel". (abc for Mick O'Connor's).
PV: The tune is called The Landsdowne Lass and is a composition of Josie McDermott, the flute player from Co. Roscommon. (abc for Altan's version)
John Kerr: I seem to remember, either from liner notes or from hearing Seamus Eagan introduce [this tune] that Josie McDermott wrote The Landsdowne Lass and Salute To Baltimore on his visit to America, during which he stayed with the Eagan family in Landsdowne, Pennsylvania. The
'Landsdowne Lass' is Seamus Eagan's mother.
FC: Josie McDermott came to the States in 1984, staying in Landsdowne. Before he left, he wrote tunes commemorating his visit.
Kenny Hadden: IÉthink theyÕre all wrong. I learned the ... tune - more or less - in 1977 from Desi Wilkinson when we raked about the highlands of Scotland for about 10 days. I donÕt recall that he had a name for it, and in fact I donÕt recall where I got the name of Katy Taylor for it either.It was a popular tune in Belfast at that time. According to two of the contributers [here], Josie McDermott composed "The Lansdowne Lass" in 1984 when he visited Philadelphia. The Lansdowne Lass, by the way , is Seamus EganÕs mother. Therefore Belfast musicians had been been playing this tune for seven years before the LL was composed. IÕm sure that the confusion is arising from Seamus EganÕs recording. The tune the LP lists as "Lansdowne Lass" has an almost identical first part to KT, but the second part is significantly different. To summarise, I have 2 recordings of this tune named "Katie Taylor", - composed by Paddy Taylor, and 3 recordings of "The Lansdowne Lass" - composed by Josie McDermott - as a different reel altogether. Interestingly, John Wynne has recorded them both, agreeing with the names I believe to be correct.
Recordings: Altan, Horse with a Heart
Moving Cloud B2,11 In F.
LS: ""Neilly Boyle claimed to be (and almost certainly was) the composer of a tune he played and called The Moving Cloud (singular), which is very probably the original (but not direct) source for various loosely-related tunes that usually (but "incorrectly") now go under the name The Moving Clouds (plural). Also, the tune transcribed in MFI is not a transcription of anything close to what Neilly Boyle played. Only the first part bears a near resemblance to the Neilly tune.
Moving Cloud B2,12 In G. See above.
Morning Dew B1,21 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds. Aka The Hare In the Heather (CRE1,198). (PdG)
Mountain Road B1,14 From Michael Gorman.
FC: "I understand Michael Gorman wrote [this tune]..."
PdG: "The full 6-pt version is rarely heard..." abc for the 6-pt version.
Recordings: Andy McGann/Paul Reynolds (1977).
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Mrs Delaney B4,8
Mulhaires B4,7 Has been called Lafferty's, but in fact the proper title is Mulhaire's No.4 (after Brendan Mulhaire). (abc)
My Love and I in the Garden B3,33
Navvy on the Shore B3,8
New Mown Meadows B2,6 PdG: "Aka The Old 'Silver Spear', The Five Mile Chase (NFp68) and The Threepenny Bit (DMI 619, MOI 1367). The second part is the same as that of The Silver Spear".
Nine Points to Roguery B1,26 PdG: "Aka The Black Mare of Fanad and The Kiltyfanad Reel (NFpp65 and 163 respectively). The parts are played in the order 1, 2, 3, 2."
NG: Aka The Nine Points of Roguery.
Tommy Peoples, The High Part of the Road (1976).
O'Brien's B1,9 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: Aka Murphy's Reel (CRE2,203) and Muckross Abbey (on 'Kerry Fiddles' CD).
Recordings: Paddy Moloney/Sean Potts, Tin Whistles (1973)
O'Keeffe/Clifford/Murphy etc, Kerry Fiddles
O'Mahoney's Fancy B4,43 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
O'Rourke's B1,5 Theme Code: 3565 3545
Oak Tree, The B1,50 Recordings:
Tommy Peoples, The High Part of the Road (1976).
Dick Gaughan, Coppers and Brass.
Old Copperplate, The B1,48 From Sean McGuire (fiddle). Related to "Caber Feidh".
Paddy Canny's B1,15 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
NG: Aka Geoghegan's Fancy (on Buttons & Bows recording).
PdG: "Called Geehan's in 'Whistle & Sing' and Eileen O'Callaghan's in Matt Cranitch's 'Irish Fiddle Book'."
Recordings: Buttons & Bows, Gracenotes (1991).
Paddy Cronin's B4,37 From Paddy Cronin (fiddle).
Kevin Burke, If the Cap Fits...(1978)
Paddy Fahey's B4,9 From Paul Davis (concertina).
PdG: "Correctly Fahy...comp. by East Galway fiddler Paddy Fahy, who is famous for composing beautiful tunes and not naming them."
Paddy Fahey's B4,38 From John Ferguson (accordion)
PdG: "Correctly Fahy...comp. by East Galway fiddler Paddy Fahy, who is famous for composing beautiful tunes and not naming them."
Paddy Fahey's No.1 B2,32 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PdG: "Correctly Fahy...comp. by East Galway fiddler Paddy Fahy, who is famous for composing beautiful tunes and not naming them."
Paddy Fahey's No.2 B2,33 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PdG: "Correctly Fahy...comp. by East Galway fiddler Paddy Fahy, who is famous for composing beautiful tunes and not naming them."
Paddy Lynn's Delight B3,43 From Joe Burke. Cf "Thompson's Reel", DMI 593.
Paddy Taylor's B3,26 From Paddy Taylor.
PV: Aka "The Youngest Daughter".
Patsy Campbell B3,23 From Miko Russell.
Pigtown Fling B2,7 PdG: "Aka Kelton's (Ryan's Mammoth Collection).
NG: Aka Pigtown.
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
The Chieftains 2.
Pile of Bricks B2,9 From Pat O'Brien.
PdG: "Aka Josie McDermott's Reel (CRE3,169) and Peg McGrath ('Learn to Play the Tin Whistle', Vol.2, 26). Composed by flute player Josie McDermott."
Recordings: Buttons and Bows, Gracenotes (1991).
Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny
Pinch of Snuff B2,8 PdG: This is an abbreviated version. A 9-part version is commonly played, basically two parts played in different keys and a concluding part which is the same as the first part of this one. CRE2,182, is a five-part version, all in D, from John and Micky Doherty.
Tommy Peoples, The High Part of the Road (1976)
Kevin Burke, If the Cap Fits...(1978)
Providence, The B2,19 From Matt Molloy (flute).
PdG: "Plausibly attributed to John McGrath, from Rossport, County Mayo, who spent many years in New York; it is said to be named for Providence, Rhode Island. It is similar to The Rossport Reel in Jerry O'Brien's 'Irish Folk Dance Music', which also has one tune definitely ascribed to McGrath: John McGrath's Composition."
Brad Moloney: Rumour has it that Michael Coleman, Lad & Martin Wynne were playing a wedding for the Lyons family in Providence and that Michael had written it for the wedding. They preformed it the same day. I have my doubts though, because I thought it appeared in O'Neills which was published before the wedding. Can anyone confirm this?
PV: No, to my knowledge, The Providence was first printed in Bulmer & Sharpley Vol. 2 (copyrighted 1974). I have never heard this story before - which doesn't mean it's not true, but there are so many of those kinds of stories floating around that I would remain somewhat suspicious until more solid evidence surfaced. As far as I know, Paddy Reynolds was the first to record it on that classic Rego LP 'Sweet and Traditional' (1971) and reissued on CD (in altered form) as 'Atlantic Wave' a couple of years ago. However, right around the same time, the band Na Fili and Tipperary fiddle player Sean Ryan both recorded the tune commercially. So it looks like the tune might have been floating around already - unless that Rego LP had more impact than I'm aware of. It might be hard to entangle that web...
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Rattigan's B1,45 From Eamon Coyne.
According to PV, this was composed by Larry Redican around 1960. This and other information about Redican from Philippe can be seen in the Irtrad archives from 19th Feb. 1998.
Recorded by Eliza & Martin Carthy ("waterson:carthy" album) as Rags and Tatters, learned from Barney McKenna of The Dubiners (PdG).  Back to Redican's
Reddigan's B3,3 From Jim McHugh (fiddle)
PdG: Aka The Glen of Aherlow, composed by Seán Ryan (HI, p28), and also sometimes called Lafferty's; I think Planxty called it The woman I ne'er forgot. The Glen(s) of Aherlow is also mis-applied to the Sea/n Ryan tune, The Dash to Portobello. Kevin Burke recorded The Glen of Aherlow as Lafferty's (on 'Promenade') and The Dash to Portobello as The Glens of Aherlow on 'An Fhidil II' - what a tangle!
PV: Lafferty's is usually the title given to [this tune], actually composed by Seán Ryan and originally called The Glen of Aherlow.
Recordings: Kevin Burke, Promenade   Back to Redican's
Return to Camden Town B3,41 From Jim McHugh (fiddle).
JL: Aka Return From Camden Town (abc). Related to The Highlandman played by Altan and The Highlandman
Who Kissed HisGranny
played by Paddy O'Brien.
Recordings: Paddy O'Brien, Stranger At the Gate
Skylark, Raining Bicycles
Richard Dwyer's B3,31 Composed by Richard Dwyer.
Ríl Bheara B1,43 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
DL: Kevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill recorded this tune on their 'Portland' album, citing Dale Russ as their source. They called it The Beare Island Reel.
Ríl Gan Ainm B2,21 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
PdG: "Aka Jack Maguire's Reel (CRE3, 105)"
Alan Ng: Aka Noisy Curlew; Jack McGuire's.
Recordings: Joanie Madden, A Whistle On the Wind (1993)
Ríl Gan Ainm B2,30 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
NG: Aka Return to Milltown.
PdG: Tap the Barrel (CRE2, 266), aka An Pilleadh Galánta, The Glorious Return to Milltown, or Return to Milltown.
Alan Ng: Aka Bearnaigh an Bairille.
Recordings: The Green Fields of America (1988)
Ríl Gan Ainm B3,11 PdG: "Commonly known as Maude Millar (e.g., James Keane recording and 'Play 50 Reels', Armagh Pipers Club (abc) The Maude Miller in O'Neill is different but related (DMI 480, MOI 1204). See discussion of this tune in IRTRAD archives, 13-14 March 1998. Recorded by Cape Breton fiddler Howie MacDonald as Dan Galbey's.
Alan NG: Aka Maud Millar; Maude Millar; Dunnigan's Reel.
Recordings: Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny (1984); Mary Bergin, Trad. Irish Music on the Tin Whistle (1992); Seamus Tansey, Easter Snow (1996)
Ríl Gan Ainm B3,37 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: Jackson's (Tommy Peoples, 'Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'). See note on Denis Murphy's Reel (3:25), a.k.a. Jackson's.
Alan Ng: Aka Jackson's No. 2; Jackson's; La Cosa Mulligan; John Doherty's (also without third part) (by Tommy Peoples).
Recordings: Tommy Peoples, The Quiet Glen (c1998)
Ríl Gan Ainm B4,5 From Gerry Sharpley (fiddle).
PdG: The Cedars of Lebanon, composed by Seán Ryan (HI, p29).
Ríl Gan Ainm B4,11 PdG: Killavil or The Killavil Reel, (CRE1, 147).
Ríl Gan Ainm B4,30 PdG: The Galway Reel, comp Larry Redican.
Alan NG: Aka Fahey's Reel; Larry Redican's Reel; Redigan's; Johnny McGreavy's Favorite; Johnny McGreevy's Favorite.
Road to Lisdoonvarna B1,19 NG: This tune is also in CRE2,282 under An Bealach ar fad go Gaillimh, or All the Ways to Galway. Its root is a Scottish reel, Ciorsdan Mhor, aka Big Kirsty, Miss Stewart Bun Rannoch and A' the Way to Galloway. Breathnach gives many related and alternative titles.
PV: Aka Slash Away the Pressing Gang in WS. As I recall, the reel was recorded by the Chieftains (Chieftains 3) just before the slide and left untitled, which may have led to the confusion.
JL: Seems related to Flash Away The Press Gang featured on SOLAS 2nd CD (in another key - Amix).
PdG: This tune turns into the 2/4 polka The Kerry Cow. Breathnach also gives the following names: An Bealach ar fad go Gaillimh, The Galway Girls (Aird), All the way from Gallaway, Sarsfield March, The March of the Tribes to Galway.
Recordings: The Chieftains 3.
Road to Rio B1,42 PdG: The Reel of Rio, comp by Seán Ryan ('The Hidden Ireland, p25); a.k.a. The Rotary Hoe!
PV: The Reel of Rio, a composition of Tipperary fiddler Seán Ryan (abc).
Sailor on the Rocks, The B3,5 PdG: Aka Johnny With the Queer Thing (DMI 559, MOI 1294).
Recordings: Andy McGann/Paul Reynolds (1977).
Frankie Gavin/Paul Brock, Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986).
The Chieftains 3.
Sally Gardens B1,1 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Frankie Gavin/Paul Brock, Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986).
Theme Code: 15L31 5652
Sean McKenna's No.1 B2,27 From Mary Bergin, whistle.
Sean McKenna's No.2 B2,28 From Mary Bergin, whistle.
Sean Ryan's B4,2 PdG: "The Dash to Portobello, composed by Seán Ryan. Also called The Glens of Aherlow (CRE 3, 174, from Kevin Burke's recording), but this is the title of another Seán Ryan tune, mis-titled Rediggan's in MFI; see note on Rediggan's. To add further confusion, Seán Ryan himself apparently recorded The Dash to Portobello as Port Gael-Linn, in honour of the record company."
Frankie Gavin/Alec Finn (1977)
Sean Sa Ceo B1,32 Aka "John In the Fog"; "Sean In the Fog"
Recordings: Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina (1988).
Sergeant Early's Dream B3,16
Shepherd's Daughter B3,13 From Patsy Hanly.
Silver Spear B1,2 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: "This is the usual name for this tune, but in Breathnach it's called Sliabh Bána (CRE1, 141). Compare the second part of this and of The New-mown Meadows (B2,6), aka The Old Silver Spear."
Theme Code: 3563 1H2H61H
Sligo Maid B1,3 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Theme Code: 1225 7b415bL
Sporting Nell B2,26 From John Kelly.
St Andrew's B3,32 From Andy McGann.
DL: On Sean Ryan's recording 'Back Home to the Cliffs of Moher', there's a medley of two tunes, St Andrew, and The Swallow. This tune is actually The Swallow.
Recordings: Various, Music From Matt Molly's; Sean Ryan, Back from the Cliffs of Moher (1972)
St Anne's B1,8 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Stile of Ballylanders B3,9
Stony Steps B1,12
Swinging on the Gate B1,53
Tom Billy's B1,41 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: "Aka Speed the Plough (also the name of another tune, which is called Croghan Hill in MFI) and Mulvihill's. Tom Billy Murphy (1879-1944) was a highly regarded fiddle player and teacher in Sliabh Luachra, hence the many tunes bearing his name."
Recordings: The Chieftains 3.
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
O'Keeffe/Clifford/Murphy etc, Kerry Fiddles
Tom Ward's Downfall B3,29 From Jim McHugh (fiddle)
PdG: Aka The Mourne Mountains (DMI 477, MOI 1201).
Trip to Durrow B1,27 Recordings: Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina (1988).
Turnpike Gate B1,23 PdG: "Aka Killannan's Fancy (CRE 3, 116), The Moving Bogs (CRE 3, 120 - a title also applied to at least two other reels)".
White Leaf, The B4,26 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
Wild Irishman B3,36 From Pat McNicholas.
PdG: "This is the name of several different reels, including the one also called O'Rourke's (B1:5). This Wild Irishman is perhaps better known as The Flowers of Redhill (CRE 2, 254 and CRE 3, 125)".
Frankie Gavin/Paul Brock, Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986).
Yellow Tinker B1,18 From Pat Neilly (fiddle).