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DMI = O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland
OMI = O'Neill's Music of Ireland
KMM = Kerr's Merry Melodies
Ryan = Ryan's Mammoth Collection/Coles 1000 Fiddle Tunes
Allan = Allan's Irish Fiddler
CRE = Ceol Rince na hEireann

NG = Nigel Gatherer
PdG = Paul de Grae
PV = Philippe Varlet

All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.
Last updated: 9th September 2003

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Tune Title No.   Notes
Andy McGann's B3,65 From Andy McGann.
Recordings: Buttons & Bows, The First Month of Summer
Kevin Burke/Jackie Daley, Eavesdropper (1981)
Bank of Turf, The B4,48 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: Recorded by Paddy Glackin as Pádraig O'Keeffe's Slide - transcribed in CRE3,56.
PV: Called Padraig O'Keeffe's by Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford.
DL: I've always called that Tom Billy's #2, but I don't remember where I got that title.
Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford, The Star Above the Garter
Battering Ram B1,54 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Recordings: The Chieftains 1.
Behind the Haystack B1,63 From Matt Molloy (flute).
NG: Aka The Munster Buttermilk
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Bill Hartes B1,55 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Bobby Casey's B3,60 PdG: Aka Scully Casey's after Bobby's father Scully, as on the Kevin Burke/Jackie Daley 'Eavesdropper' album transcribed in CRE3,16.
Kevin Burke/Jackie Daley, Eavesdropper (1981)
Bride's Favourite B1,60 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Burke's B2,42 From Joe Burke. ABC notation: 1, 2, 3.
PdG: Aka Connie O'Connell's from Matt Cranitch's 'Irish Fiddle Book'.
PdG: While going through the photocopied copy of the Martin Mulvihill collection which a kind friend sent me, I noticed a hand-written comment next to Burke's Jig (jig no. 79): "a Donegal tune from Lad O'Beirne's crowd". I'm not sure if this comment appears in the original. The tune is otherwise associated with Joe Burke.
Paul McEvoy: My teacher, Pete Kelly, claims to have composed what is known around here as Burke's Jig. I believe he calls it The Shannonairs Jig, after a childrens group that organized in NYC in the 60's and took on tour.
Lesl Harker: Aka Matt Molloy's Jig, Coughlan's, Charlie Mulvihill's. Recordings:
Butterfly, The B3,79 Slip Jig.
Carraroe B3,50 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
Castle, The B1,56 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
NG: Aka The Kesh Jig. Aka Carty's Jig or Kathy's Jig (CRE2,294).
Various, Music At Matt Molloy's.
Choice Wife, The B2,53 Slip Jig.
Coleman's 1 B3,77 Slip Jig. From Michael Coleman.
Aka The Promenade.
Coleman's 2 B3,78 Slip Jig. From Michael Coleman.
PdG: Aka Comb Your Hair and Curl It (DMI 447).
Recordings: The Chieftains 1.
Coleman's Cross B3,54 From Michael Coleman. Recordings: The Bothy Band (1975)
Connie Walsh's B2,60 Slide (abc). PdG: "Generally known here as The Cu/il Aodha (Coolea) Slide (e.g., in Matt Cranitch's book)
Dan Dowd's B4,61 PdG: The Nightingale, comp. Seán Ryan (HI, p13).
Daniel O'Connell's B4,51
Denis Murphy's B2,62 Slide. From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: Called The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue in CRE3,50.
Recordings: The Chieftains 3.
Dinny Delaney B4,81 Slide. PdG: "Called The Old Hag in the Kiln in CRE2,88 from Pat Mitchell (pipes), who got the tune from a cylinder recording made by piper Dinny Delaney."
Tommy Peoples, The High Part of the Road (1976)
Kevin Burke, If the Cap Fits...(1978)
Farewell to Gurteen B3,53
Fraher's B3,59 Recordings:
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Frieze Britches B1,65 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Gillian's Apples B2,39 PdG: "Correctly called Gillan's Apples; it is a version of Apples in Winter which O'Neill got from a musician called John Gillan. Breathnach gives Jackson's Growling Cat as one of several other titles, but it's not a Jackson composition."
Recordings: Andy McGann/Paul Reynolds (1977)
The Chieftains 2
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn, Contentment Is Wealth
Humours of Ballyloughlin B4,60 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
NG: Aka "The Hurler's March"
Recordings: Eileen Ivers (1994); Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny; Planxty,
Humours of Ennistymon B3,49 From Michael Coleman.
PdG: More usually called The Humours of Cappagh (DMI 56, MOI 779), Cherish the Ladies is an ellaborated version of this tune.
Humours of Kilclogher B3,64 PdG: Called Éilís Ní Cheallaigh (Elizabeth Kelly) in CRE1,56, in honour of John Kelly's mother or grandmother. It's sometimes called The Humours of Kiltyclogher.
PV: This is a single jig from West Clare, the correct title being Humours of Kilclogher.
GT: Also appears on Fisherstreet's 'Out in the Night', where it is played as a flute/ pipes duet tuned down to Bb and at a very stately pace -- a lovely piece of playing.
Recordings: John Kelly Sr, Ceol an Clair (Comhaltas)
Liam O'Flynn, The Piper's Call (abc)
Is Maith Le Nora B2,67 Slide.
John Kelly's B2,58 Slide. From John Kelly.
Recordings: The Chieftains 3.
Ken Fahey's B4,55 From Ken Fahey (flute). NG: Sounds like a version of Geese In the Bog.
Kerry, The B2,41 PV: often called The Kerry Jig but it's really a composition of Charlie Mulvihill, so I call it Charlie Mulvihill's.
DL: It's called Mulvihill's on 'The Atlantic Wave cd, which features Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill, James Keane, and Felix Dolan. From the liner notes: "...a Charlie Mulvihill original, was a favorite of the late County Kerry fiddler Denis Murphy and other Kerry musicians and has accordingly often been called The Kerry Jig".
Kilavel Jig, The B3,47 From Seamus Tansy.
PdG: Aka Killavel Jig, Killavil Jig. Aka The Sligo Jig and The Trip to Killavil.
Molloy/Brady/Peoples (1978)
Kilfenora, The B2,34
King's Jig, The B4,64
Knights of St Patrick B1,57 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
Recordings: John Doherty, Bundle and Go
Knocknagow B4,44 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: This is in O'Neill (MOI 1113). This and the follwing are played together as a single 4-part tune on a Joe Burke album.
Recordings: Eileen Ivers (1994).
Knocknagow No.2 B4,45 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
Langstern's Pony B2,44
Langstrom's Pony B2,44 From Pat Neilly (fiddle).
Lark's March, The B4,62 From Matt Molloy (flute).
PdG: "A version of Geese in the Bog".
Legacy, The B3,63
Lilting Banshee B2,40 From Paddy McNicholas. Aka The Miller of Glanmire (DMI 48, MOI 765). A Lilt from Home (WS 140) is similar. (PdG)
Lisheen, The B2,64 Slide. From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
Maid in the Meadow B1,61 From Cathal McConnell (flute). PdG:"better known to me as The Green Fields of America."
MacCallum's B3,66 Aka The Chapel Bell (Kevin Burke, 'Up Close') (PdG).
McGlinchy's B2,43 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
PdG: The (or A) Bush on the Hill ( respectively, recorded by Liz Carroll and her father on 'Fathers and Daughters', and in 'Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes', both in the key of A). Credited to Brendan McGlinchey on the recording, but Brendan himself told me that he did not write it, nor does he know who did; he thinks it may have come (or come back?) to Ireland via Ciarán Mac Mathúna's recordings of Irish and Irish-American musicians in America in the 1960s. Known around here (Kerry) as The Lowdown Jig.
PV: The complete title for this is The Bush on the Hill and it's also called The Old West Clare Jig. Paddy Killoran recorded it on a post WWII 78 and during a concert at the GPO Dublin in 1949 (he and his band had been playing on a ship going to Ireland).
Luke O'Malley: Is this a three part jig in which the first part starts with an open string G and continues in a G arpeggio for the first measure and one-half? If it is, the jig was written by Jack McKenna! He worked as an accompanist for Paddy for many years, appeared on one of Martin Mulhaire recordings, etc. He was an accomplished violinist, but played mostly jazz. He composed it and mentioned that Killoran took it over, reworked it, and recorded it as his own.
Mick Moloney, Strings Attached
Tony de Marco/Brian Conway: The Apple in Winter (1981)
McGreavy's B4,57 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
McHugh's B4,58 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
McHugh's B4,63 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
Merrily Kiss the Quaker B1,77 Slide.
Patrick Hutchison: I've been playing the 2nd setting of Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife by Danny O'Donnell for some years, and thought that you might like to know that when I played it for Seamus Connolly (the fiddle player from Killaloe), he immediately dredged up the title "The Gates of Derry" from his prodigious memory.
Recordings: Planxy: First Album (1973). The Chieftains 3.
Metal Bridge, The B3,46 PdG: "Aka Nóra Críonna; ('The Dance Music of Willie Clancy', 152), but this is also the name of another jig."
Micky O'Callaghan's B4,59 PdG: This is a Clare slide, named for a friend of John Kelly; aka Micho Russell's Slide.
Millpond, The B4,47 (abc)
Misty Mountain, The B3,61 Aka The Mist Covered Mountains
PdG: Comp. by Junior Crehan based on the Scottish song The Mist Covered Mountains of Home, or Chi Mi na Morbheanna.
Mug of Brown Ale, The B3,57 PdG: "The Mug of Brown Ale is the name of two separate jigs, each of which has another name. This one is also called Delaney's Drummers (DMI 305), and the other one is also called Old Man Dillon (DMI 75, MOI 804)."
O'Keeffe's B2,57 Slide. From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: Aka Dan O'Keeffe's, and Danny Ab's after a neighbour of Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford.
O'Keeffe/Clifford/Murphy etc, Kerry Fiddles
O'Keeffe's B2,61 Slide. From Denis Murphy (fiddle). Aka Dan O'Keeffe's, and Danny Ab's after a neighbour of Denis Murphy and Julia
Clifford. (PdG)
Old Favourite, The B4,53 Slide. PdG: "properly a single jig or slide; (if I recall correctly) named after a pub in Islington, London, which was popular with the Irish community."
Old Leitrim B2,37 From Cathal McConnell (flute).
DL: This tune was composed by Vincent Broderick and is included in his book of compositions, 'The Turoe Stone'. He calls it The Haunted House. The liner notes on the The Lonely Stranded Band gave me the proper name. I first heard this tune from the Longridge Ceili Band in Buncrana, 1979, at the all-Ireland ceili band competition.
Orphan, The B4,56 PdG: "Seems to be related to Miss Casey (MOI 1094); the resemblance is more noticeable in the setting of Miss Casey in Jerry O'Brien's 'Irish Folk Dance Music'".
Paddy Clancy's B2,38 Aka Coleman's Favourite (Tommy Peoples tune book and tape). (PdG)
Paddy Fahey's B2,46 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle).
Kevin Burke, If the Cap Fits...(1978)
Paddy Glackin's B4,49
Paddy McNicholas's B2,35 From Paddy McNicholas.
PdG: Better known as The Black Rogue, which is also the title of a related tune also called (This) Life is all Chequered (DMI 302, MOI 915).
Paddy Taylor's B3,51 From Paddy Taylor and Vincent Tighe.
Port Gan Ainm B1,62 From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
Port Gan Ainm B3,52
Port Gan Ainm B4,46 From Cathal McConnell (flute).
Alan NG: This is Whistler at the Wake by Vincent Broderick.
Port Gan Ainm B4,50 PdG: "Aka Pádraig Mac Giollarnáth (CRE1,44), which is the name of the man from whom Breathnach's source learned it."
Port Gan Ainm B4,52 DL: This is another Vincent Broderick composition found in 'The Turoen Stone'. He calls it The Old Flail.
Port Gan Ainm B4,54 From Gary Cronin (fiddle).
Port Luascaigh Gan Ainm B2,55 Slip Jig. From Cathal McConnell (flute).
Port Luascaigh Gan Ainm B4,88 Slip Jig. PdG: "A variant of Tipperary Hills (DMI 430, MOI 1148)."
Alan NG: Aka Michael Gorman's and Bells of Tiperary.
Recordings: Bothy band, Old Hag... (1976)
Port Luascaigh Gan Ainm B4,89 NG: Slip Jig. Aka The Foxhunters' Jig.
Alan NG: Aka The Humours of Derrycrosane; Humours of Derrykrosane; The Humours of Derrycrossane; Pléaraca Dhoire an Chreasáin; Humours of Derrykissane; Foxhunter's Jig; The Foxhunters; Fiagaí an Mhadra Rua.
Recordings: Declan Masterton, End of the Harvest (1990)
Port Sheain Sheosaima B1,58 From Jimmy McHugh (fiddle). From The Regent Hotel, Leeds.
PdG: "properly Port Sheáin tSeosaimh, or John Joe's Jig; a.k.a. John Mahinney's No. 1 in Sliabh Luachra - John Mahinney Barnard was a friend of Bill 'The Weaver' Murphy, father of Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford."
Port Singil Gan Ainm B2,65 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
Port Singil Gan Ainm B2,66 Alan Ng: Aka Kathleen Hehir's.
Port Singil Gan Ainm B4,82 From Seamus Creagh (fiddle).
Port Singil Gan Ainm B4,83 From Seamus Creagh (fiddle).
Alan NG: Aka Eibhlín ni Riordáin's (Riordan's).
Port Singil Gan Ainm B4,84 PdG: This is The Road to Lisdoonvarna; also played, suitably altered, as a reel.
Recordings: The Chieftains 3 (1973)
Port Singil Gan Ainm B4,85 From Seamus Creagh (fiddle).
Port Singil Gan Ainm B4,86 PdG: Matt Molloy plays this on one of the Bothy Band albums - I can't recall the album or the tune just now (abc). Ron Steed posted a fife tune (abc) of which the first part is practically the same as this.
JL: "...it's called Rosie Finn's Favourite on 'After Hours' and 'BBC Live'" (Bothy Band albums).
Recordings: The Bothy Band, Old Hag...(1976)
Redicans B3,48 PdG: Aka Larry Redican's Jig, composed by Larry Redican (see notes for Rattigans).
Sean Ryan's B3,55 From Sean Ryan.
PdG: The Castle, comp Seán Ryan (HI, p10); O'Connell's Welcome to Dublin or Father Morrison's Delight (CRE2, 35). The Castle (B1,35) is a different jig, better known as The Kesh.
Shores of Lough Gowna B2,36 From Joe Burke, accordeon.
Dick Gaughan, Coppers and Brass.
Slieve Russell B3,45 PdG: Slieve Russel, or Sliabh Russel is a hill in County Cavan. Also the name of a hotel and golf course.
Sport of the Chase, The B1,75 Slip Jig. From John Doonan. Aka "New Claret".
Sporting Pitchfork, The B3,56 Recordings:
Paddy Glackin/Paddy Keenan, Doublin' (1978)
Star Above the Garter B2,59 Slide. From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
Tansey's Fancy B3,58
Thrush in the Straw, The B3,62 From Vincent Tighe.
PdG: "Aka The Humours of Lisheen in Sliabh luachra. The Woeful Widow (DMI 307) is very similar."
O'Keeffe/Clifford/Murphy etc, Kerry Fiddles
To Limerick We Will Go B1,76 Slip Jig. From Ali Anderson.
PdG: This is in O'Neill's MOI (abc) under the slightly different title To Limerick We Go.
Tom Billy's B3,67 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
PdG: Aka The Flowers of Spring (CRE2, 31).
Tom Billy's B3,68 From Denis Murphy (fiddle).
Tommy Hunt's B2,56 Slip Jig. The Chieftains 3.
Tommy Peoples B1,64 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: Gráinne's Jig, comp by Tommy Peoples ('Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'), Called Redican's (!) in Bernard Flaherty's 'Trip to Sligo'.
Tommy Peoples B2,45 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: Pay the Reckoning (CRE1, 19 - the most common name), Jackson's Bottle of Brandy (DMI 145, MOI 898), Bobbing for Eels (MOI 1006). According to Breathnach, probably not a Jackson composition.
Tommy Peoples B3,70 From Tommy Peoples (fiddle).
PdG: King of the Pipers (CRE3, 35).
Tone Rowe's B3,69 From Sean McGuire (fiddle).
Tonra's Jig, comp by Brendan Tonra from Mayo, who has lived for many years in Boston. (PdG)
Weaver's, The B2,63 Slide. PdG: "...refers to Bill "The Weaver" Murphy, father of Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford".
Whinny Hills of Leitrim B2,54 Slip Jig. From Michael Turbridy.
PdG: " [This] is the usual name for this tune; CRE 1, 67, is different".
Willie Coleman's B1,59 Recordings:
Matt Molloy and Donal Lunny
Yellow John B4,87 Slide. NG: Aka "Over the Water to Charlie"