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Strathspeys and Schottisches

For the purposes of this index, Strathspeys and Schottisches are listed together.

K2v1-4 = Kerr's First/Second/Third/Fourth Collections of Merry Melodies  (More Info)
K2v5 = Kerr's Caledonian Collection  (More Info)
K2v6 = Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies for the Piano
K2v7 = Kerr's Collection of Reels and Strathspeys
K2v8 = Kerr's Violin Instructor and Irish Folk-Song Album
K2v9 = Kerr's Thistle Collection
K2v10 = Kerr's Modern Dance Album
Athole = The Athole Collection (1884)
DMI = O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland (1907)
Ryans = Ryan's Mammoth Collection


All annotations are by Nigel Gatherer unless otherwise stated.

Last updated: 10th June 2002

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Title Key Book   Notes
Aberlour's Squeeze C K2,13   By Wm Marshall
Aldivalloch II D K3,5
Alister McAlister C
Aka Alasdair Mac Alasdair (Athole), Little Katie Kearney (DMI), Con Cassidy's Highland (Altan), The Canamine Highland (Northern Fiddler), Alistair MacAllister (Ryan). Philippe Varlet reports that as a polka it's played in Ireland under the titles The Glen (or Glin) Cottage Polka, Alistair MacAllister, St Patrick Was a Gentleman, and McAllister's Fling.
Among the Heather A K3,13
Annie Laurie D K4,7
Athole Cummers, The Em
Aka Bog An Lochan. "Highland Schottische" (in K3).
Athole's Honest Men G K3,7 By J S Robertson (biog) There is an accompanying reel, Athole's Bonny Lasses
Auld Brig o' Ayr, The F K3,18
Auld House, The G K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Auld Kirk, The G K4,16
Auld Luckie C K3,15
Auld Toon o' Ayr, The D K2,19
Ayrshire Lasses C K2,11 By Earl of Eglintoun
Ballochmyle Brig A K3,11 By A McAlpine
Banks o' Clyde, The I G K1,20
"Highland Schottische". "J S K"
Belladrum House D K1,17
Ben Lomond D K2,17
Ben Nevis D K2,18
Big Kirsty G K1,12 Aka Ciorsdan Mhor; Miss Stewart Bun Rannoch and A' the Way to Galloway. in Ireland it's known as The Road To Lisdoonvarna, An Bealach ar fad go Gaillimh, and All the Ways to Galway. Brendean Breathnach gives many related and alternative titles: Slash Away the Pressing Gang, Flash Away The Press Gang for example. It has also evolved into a 2/4 polka under the name The Kerry Cow. Other names found include The Galway Girls, All the way from Gallaway, Sarsfield March, The March of the Tribes to Galway etc.
Billy Mackinnon A K4,6
Birks of Aberfeldie D K3,4 Aka
Blue Bells G K4,13 Aka Blue Bells of Scotland
Boatie Rows, The A K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Bob Simms G K3,8 By Hugh Dunlop
Bog O' Gight, The A K2,4 By Wm Marshall
Bonnie Bessie Lee G K3,9
Bonnybridge A K3,14
Bonny Broom, The G K4,16
Bonnie Charlie I A K3,11
G K4,16
Bonny Toun o' Kenmore G K3,8
Bonnie Wee Thing A K3,23 "Highland Schottische".
Bowling Braes, The C K6,33 "by J M"
Boys of Our Town, The D K4,11
Braes Aboon Bonaw D K1,9
Braes of Auchtertyre, The C K1,14 By Crockett. First published in Neil Stewart's 'Collection of the Newest and Best Reels and Country Dances' (c1761). Known in Ireland as The Belles of Tipperary and The Beaus of Kildare, and in the USA as Billy In the Low Ground or Beaus of Albany. It's possibly related to Blue Bonnets Over the Border, which in turn has as its ancestor O Mother What Shall I Do. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976); Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings (1978); Paddy Cronin, The Rakish Paddy (1975)
Braes of Balquither, The G K1,11 There is a Scots song of the same name whose chorus,
'Will ye go, lassie, go,
To the braes o' Balquhidder?
Where the blaeberries grow,
'Mang the bonnie bloomin' heather.'
Inspired the modern song Wild Mountain Thyme. Recordings: Jock Tamson's Bairns, The Lasses Fashion (1982)
Braes o' Mar, The D K1,19
"Highland Schottische" (in K1). Johnny Won't You Marry Me (K4,8) is another version, and it's played as a reel in Ireland as Johnny Will You Marry Me (Boys of the Lough) and Love Won't You Marry Me (Roche collection). Recordings: Boys of the Lough, The Piper's Broken Finger (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Braes of Tulimet Am K7,2
Braes of Tullymet Em
A district near Pitlochry, Perthshire, the name probably means "boundary hills". "Highland Schottische" (in K1). Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1978)
Braw Lads D K4,8
Brechin Castle Bb K1,17 Recordings: Fiddles Galore (1976)
Bridge of Brechin, The F K2,22
Brig O' Balater, The C K2,11 By Niel Gow
Brig o' Dee, The D K2,18
Brig O' Kyle, The A K3,10 By Hugh Dunlop
Brig o' Perth, The A K1,20
"Highland Schottische". Recordings: Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
Brisk Bob Bm K3,6
But and Ben D K4,8
Ca' Hawkie Through the Water C K2,10 [Lord Elphinston]
Ca' the Stirks Am K2,10
Ca' the Wethers To the Hill A K3,14 Found as a reel called Glen Tilt Lodge (K4,5) and Glentilt in the Athole Collection. In McGlashan it's The Duke of Athol's Forrest Lodge, Glen Tilt
Cadgers of the Canongate G K4,13
Caledonian Hunt I D K1,13 By Alexander Don.
Calton Hill Bb K3,21
Calum Breugach C K2,10
Cameron's Got His Wife Again D K1,10 Toby Rider told me this tune's also referred to as Alfred Cameron Moffat's Got His Wife Again. Recordings: Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976)
Campsie Glen A K3,14
Captain Campbell C K1,9 Not related to the march of the same name, this Strathspey is popular in Scotland and Cape Breton. (ABC).
Captain Francis Wemyss D K3,3 Played as a slide in Ireland under the title An Coileach Comhraic or The Game Cock. Found as a reel also called The Game Cock in Ryan's Mammoth Collection. According to Breathnach, it's also known as Those Evening Bells Reel, and is related to The Western Lasses (DMI765). Jackie Daly, the renowned accordion player from Kanturk in County Cork, composed an extra part for it: he calls the entire reel The Bog Carrot.
Captain Maitland, Hon. G K2,15
Captain Robertson, Ludes D K3,5
Cathkin Braes A K3,23 "Highland Schottische". Known as a 2-part strathspey, this version has a third part. Recordings: Jock Tamson's Bairns (1980).
Cawdor Fair G K1,20 Aka Cock o' Bendy (Middleton's Selection, 1870). "Highland Schottische". Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Chailleach Oidhche A K2,6
Charles Leslie D K2,19
Charlie Stuart D K2,17 Aka (You're) Welcome Charlie Stuart.
Clach Na Cudain D K2,18
Clachan, The D K4,10
Colin Campbell G K4,14
Colqualzie Fir Trees G K3,7
Comin Thro' the Rye D
Aka The Rye Waltz.
Corduroy, The A K3,10
Corimonie's Rant D K2,17 By Donald Dow
Corriegills A K3,13 By Carl Volti (biog).
Corrimony A K2,7
Couttie's Wedding C K3,17
Craig of Barns, The C K1,19 "Highland Schottische". Similar to MacKinnon's Rant in the DunGreen Collection.
Craigellachie Bridge D K1,12
Craigendoran G K4,15
Crail D K4,9
Cut and Dry A
Cutting Ferns C K1,18 NG: Aka Tha Mi Sgith (as recorded by Alan Stivell, Silly Wizard, etc), Cutting Bracken and Buain na Rainich (which means 'reaping the bracken'). As a jig it's called Drummond Castle (see K4,28).
Ferns have always been found in abundance in the highlands, and were used as cattle litter, makeshift beds, and were also used to thatch cottages. Traditionally fern-gathering was women's work, even though it was hard, back- breaking work.
In Victorian times, ferns were used in a decorative way, the fronds being seen as symbols of fertility, industry and prosperity.
George Seto: The story which goes with this lovely lullaby (which often is played too fast for my taste), is about a young lady who would normally go out to cut the fern/bracken, met and fell in love with a member of the Sidhe/Fairy folk. He also fell in love with her. Her family found out, and kept her at home. The song as it sits comes from the Fairy, who is dejected.
The chorus and first verse were collected by Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser in the early 20th century. Her collaborator, Kenneth MacLeod wrote the rest.
Daft Willie Dawson D K3,5
Dainty Davie Em K1,4 This is the air to a song of the same name. The tune is found in Aird's Selection under the name The Gardener's March.
Dancing Scotchman, The G K7,18 "Highland Schottische".
Dark Hair'd Mary Em K3,9
Delvin House C K2,13 By Niel Gow
Delvin Side I Em
Devil in the Kitchen, The A K5,12 A bagpipe tune.
Don Side G K2,15
Donalbane A K4,4
Donald To Your Soals G K3,8
Dougal More D K4,8 By Carl Volti (biog).
Drumins D K2,19
Duchess of Athole A K1,15 By Niel Gow.
Duchess of Gordon, The D K2,17 By Donald Dow
Duchess of Hamilton, The G K2,14 By J Bowie
Duchess's Slipper, The F K2,21 By Niel Gow. Aka The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper. Recordings: Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Duke of Athole, The C K3,17 By Nath Gow (biog).
Duke of Gordon G K7,7
Duke of Gordon G K1,4 Full title The Duke of Gordon's Birthday, composed by William Marshall. This tune is also popular as a 'Highland' in Donegal under the name Casey's Pig. Download ABC
Duke of Sutherland Bb K3,20 By Joseph Lowe
Dumbarton Castle A K4,3 By Carl Volti (biog).
Dunblane Bb K3,20
Duncan Davidson D K1,17
Aka Tibbie Inglis' Fancy and Welcome Here Again (Ryan's Mammoth Collection).
Dunfermline Abbey G K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Dunrobin Castle Bb K3,21
Dunt the Grund at Leisure G K2,15
Earl of Dalkeith F K2,21 Recordings: Angus Cameron, Strings to the Bow (1977)
Earl Grey A
By James Hill. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976); Angus Cameron, Strings to the Bow (1977); Golden Fiddle Awards (1980)
Earl of Home G K1,10
By Nath Gow (biog).
East Kilbride A K3,11 A M Volti
Eclipse G K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Ewie Wi' the Crookit Horn, The Gm
Aka Bob With the One Horn (K2v1p24) and The Ewe Reel (DMI). According to Jack Campin it's also found as An Caora Crom in the Macfarlan Manuscript. Recordings: Ossian, Borders (1984); Tannahill Weavers (1979)
Fair Haired Lassie A K4,4
Fairbairn's A K1,15
Fairlie Castle Bb K3,21
Farewell to Bute G K4,12
Ferry, The D K4,10
Fill Your Glasses D K4,11
Finnin' Haddies G K3,10 By Carl Volti (biog).
Firth o' Forth D K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Fishers Rant, The G K2,15
For A' That and A' That D K2,17 Aka Lady Macintosh's Reel.
Forest of Garth, The F K3,20
Forge, The G K4,13
Francis Sitwell Bb K2,23 By Nath Gow (biog). Aka Master Francis Sitwell. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976) - this version is of interest because of Dickie's excellent variations, which have been transcribed in 'The Caledonian Companion' (Alastair J Hardie, 1981); Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Gareloch, The G K4,13
Garey Cottage F K1,14 By S Duncan.
Garthland's G K2,14 By J McDonald
German Schottische, A (Duet) D K1,46
According to Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, the reknowned Irish
fiddler James Morrison played this tune under the
title The Curlew Hills.
George the IV C K1,7
Gillie Callum A K1,5
Aka The Sword Dance. Said to be a relative of Tail Toddle. Recordings: Whistlebinkies (1977)
Glasgow Highlanders D K7,39 This tune has turned up in Donegal as an untitled barn dance (ABC).
Glengarry's Dirk A K2,20 Aka Glengarry.
Glen Grant A K1,8
Glenkindie G K4,15
Glen Lean A K4,4
Glenmoriston G K3,7
Glentromie C K3,16
Gloomy Winter C K1,4
Aka Lord Balgownie's Favourite. Possibly originated with The Cordwainers' March in Aird. Recordings: Tannahill Weavers, The Old Woman's Dance (1978) [ABC]
Goat Fell C K3,16
Gordon, The Am K3,17
Gordon Castle A K2,5
Gordon Highlanders, The A K3,16
Gourock Bay I A K3,13
Gowrie D K4,7
Graham's Rant G K4,16
Grant Lodge G K2,16
Green Grow the Rashes G K1,19
"Highland Schottische". Recordings: Strings of Scotland (1975)
Grey Daylight D K7,4 Aka Stirling Castle.
Haggs Castle D K2,19 By Carl Volti (biog).
Happy We've Been A' The-Gither D K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Haud Awa' Frae Me Donald G K3,10 NG: Aka The Lasses Fashion.
Haughs of Cromdale Em
Kate Dunlay and David Greenberg (traditional Violin Music of Cape Breton,1996): a Gaelic title of this tune is Sid mar chaidh n' Cal a gholaigh ("That is how the Cabbage was Boiled"), and Helen Crichton collected a gaelic song Sid mar chaidh an Càl a dholaigh ("That is how the Kale was spoiled").
NG: Found in Margaret Sinkler's MS as Wat Ye How the Play Began. Played as a polka in Ireland under the name Tralee Gaol or Tralee Jane (ABC). Also used for the song Birniebouzle.
Hawthorn Hedges A K3,14
Hazeldean A K3,12
Heather Bell C K3,17
Heather Bells D K4,11
Heather Jock A K4,5
Hey the Bonnie Breast Knots A K3,23 "Highland Schottische". This is a different tune from The Breast Knots, found in Scots Musical Museum.
Highland Donald Kissed Kitty G K3,9 Aka Highland Donald, this strathspey is very similar to the march known as Wha Widna Fecht for Charlie, or Wha Saw the 42nd. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)
Highland Dress & Armour C K3,15
Highland Fling D K4,10 By Carl Volti (biog).
Highland Fling D K4,47
Highland Minstrel Boy G K3,8
Highland Schottische G K4,42 "Highland Schottische".
Highland Whiskey A K1,7 Aka Highland Whisky.
Highland Whisky A K5,11
Highlands of Banffshire F K2,22 By Capt Simon Fraser. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Highlander's Farewell to Ireland Am K1,9 Popular in Ireland as Farewell to Ireland.
Highlanders In Paris G K1,12
Highlandman's Cowl, The A K3,23 "Highland Schottische".
Highlands of Banffshire F K2,22 By Capt Simon Fraser.
Highlands of Scotland G K4,14
Hilton Lodge C K2,12 By Niel Gow
Hogmany A K2,8
Home Sweet Home (Duet) D K1,46
Hugh Dunlop D K3,4
Huntingtower A K4,4
Huntly's Wedding Medley A K2,8 By Capt Simon Fraser
I'll Hap Ye In My Plaidie G K1,9
In the Gloamin F K3,19
Invercauld C K2,9
Inveraray D K3,3 By Carl Volti (biog).
Irishman in America, The Am K6,3 "Highland Schottische". By J McConnel.
Jacobite, The A K4,4
James McNicoll C K2,11
Jamie's Paper G K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Jenny Latin S K4,10
Jessie A K4,4
Jessie Smith D K1,4
Aka Miss Jessie Smith.
John Brown, or Faithful Friend A K1,20
By Nugent Godfrey
John Howats Strathspey D K2,20 By Hugh Dunlop
John McAlpine A K1,3
There is a theory that the well-known Irish tune Mist on the Bog (or The Rattling Bog) is derived from this tune (this info from Ted Hastings).
John Roy Stuart Dm K2,21 One of a number of traditional tunes named in honour of the Gaelic poet, Jacobite and adventurer John Roy Stuart (Whistlebinkies). Recordings: Whistlebinkies 5 (1988)
Johnny Pringle G K2,14 By Wm Marshall
Johnny Wont You Marry Me D K4,8 In Ireland this is played as Johnny Will You Marry Me?. The Boys of the Lough play it and say that it's a 'straightened out' version of The Braes of Mar (see K1,19). Recordings: Boys of the Lough, The Piper's Broken Finger (1976)
Jolly Beggar, The G K4,14
Jolly Shepherds, The G K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Joseph Hume F K3,18
Kafoozalum D K1,20 The title possibly comes from the Gaelic 'Cia Phosfaidh leum' ("Who will marry me?"). There are words sung to the tune in Ireland: "Love will you marry me...". The tune is also known as Stewart's March and in Donegal Tigh Bunadh a'Chnoic. Recordings: Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977)
Kail Pot, The F K3,20
Keel Row, The A K1,19 "Highland Schottische". Recordings: Whistlebinkies 3 (1981)
Killiechassie G K2,16
Kye Comes Hame D K4,9 Aka When the Kye Comes Hame.
Lad Wi' the Plaidie, The D K1,19
"Highland Schottische". In Northumbria this is called The Keilder Schottische. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1978)
Lads of Tain, The D K2,17 By J K Clarke
Lady Ann Hope II G K1,10
Attributed to John Pringle (Gow Collection). Known in Ireland as Miss Thornton's, John Roche's Favourite and Frank Roche's Favourite.
PdG: There is also a hornpipe version of it played by Denis Murphy named The Tiger Hornpipe or Signora Ferze's Hornpipe. Recordings: Matt Molloy, Stony Steps (as Frank Roche's Fav)
Lady Baird A K1,9 By Andrew Gow.
Lady Binning A K2,4
Lady Carmichael D K1,3
Aka Lady Carmichael of Castlecraig by John Gow. Recordings: The Battlefield Band, At the Front (1978)
Lady Caroline Montague C K3,14
Lady Charlotte Campbell 1 G K2,14 By Nath Gow (biog). Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
Lady Charlotte Campbell 2 Bb K2,23 by Robert McIntosh
Lady Charlotte Durham 2 A K2,5 By Nath Gow (biog).
Lady Davidson of Cantray D K3,4 By John Lowe
Lady Doune F K1,14
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay Bb K2,23 By Nath Gow (biog). [ABC]
Lady Hall G K2,20 By J McKenzie
Lady Hamilton of Dalrymple Bb K3,21
Lady Jane Taylor C K3,15
Lady Jemima Johnston C K2,12
Lady Loudon C K2,11 By Wm Gow
Lady Lucy Ramsay C K1,14 By Nathaniel Gow (biog).
Lady Macintosh's Reel D K2,17 Aka For A' That
Lady MacKenzie of Coul C K2,13 By Nathaniel Gow (biog), this tune is mostly played as a reel these days. Recordings: Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1975); Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
Lady Madelina Sinclair A K2,3 Aka Lady Madeline Sinclair. Niel Gow published this under his own name in his Third collection (1792), but a remarkably similar tune, Charles Duff's composition The Braes of Aberarder was published a few years earlier. Recordings:Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Ron Gonella, Scottish Violin Music (1966); Golden Fiddle Awards (1981)
Lady Madelina Sinclair A K5,10
Lady Mary Ramsay D K1,10 NG: By Nathaniel Gow (biog). Called Forget Me Not in Ryan's Mammoth Collection and The Queen's Shilling in O'Neill's DMI. It's also part of a set of tunes called The Four Provinces played (I think) in Ireland. Recordings: Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Lady Mary Ramsay D K7,6
Lady Spencer Chichester F K2,22
Lager Beer D K4,12
Lang Syne G K3,9 [Auld Lang Syne]
Largo Bay A K3,12
Largo Law A K2,6
Lass o' Corrie Mill F K1,17 Recordings: Glasgow Caledonians (1980); Dordan.
Lasses Look Before You D K1,8
Lasses Look Before You D K7,9
Lasses O' Stewarton, The D K3,5
Link Him Doddie A
Aka Linkumdoddie.
Loch Ericht Side C K2,11 By Niel Gow & Wife
Loch Long A K4,5
Lochnagar D K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Lord Alexander Gordon A K2,5 By Wm Marshall
Lord Blantyre A K2,7
Lord Down G K4,16
Lord Eglintoun's Auld Man D K2,18
Lord Elphinston C K2,10 [Ca' Hawkie...]
Lord John Campbell D K2,19
Lord Kelly Gm K3,22 In Aird as Cameron House. In O'Neill's as The Old Grey Gander, The Humors of Schull, and George Gubbin's Delight. In O'Farrell's Pocket Companion as Lord Kelly's Reel and in Roche as a march, Mo Ceoil Sibh a Laochra.
Lord Lyndoch D K1,19
By P Agnew. Recordings: Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Lord McDonald II (Old) D K4,11
Lord Moira F
AK: Aka Louden's Bonnie Woods and Braes; Old Aunt
Katie; The Marquis of Hastings' Strathspey
. Lord
Moira became the Marquis of Hastings in 1816, while
Louden was his family seat. Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1978)
Lord Moira's Welcome F K2,21 See Lord Moira.
Lord of the Isles G K4,14
Lord President Forbes A K3,13
Lord Ramsay I Bb K1,13 By Nathaniel Gow (biog)..
Lord Ramsay II G K3,7 By G Robertson
Lord Seaforth G K1,8
Loudon's Bonnie Woods G K1,19 This tune, along with Jenny's Bawbee and Niel Gow's Wife, is played as The Shamrock and Thistle Highlands by Danny O'Donnell. "Highland Schottische".
AK: Aka Lord Moira's Welcome; Old Aunt Katie; The Marquis of Hastings' Strathspey. Lord Moira became the Marquis of Hastings in 1816, while Louden was his family seat.
Low Down in the Broom D K2,17 Similar to My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose.
Lowland Rant G K4,15
Lundin Links F K3,20
Luss Road G K4,14
MacIvar's C K2,12
MacKenzie's Rant C K2,9
Madam Frederick D K1,11 By Wm Marshall. Aka The Recovery. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)
Maggie Cameron A K5,11 Charlie Gore: Aka Willie Roy's Loomhouse or Taigh na beairt aig Uilleam Ruadh. In many pipe collections.
Jack Campin: It was earlier called Willie Roy's Loomhouse, and there is a related reel called The Old Men at the Loom (no idea where to find that in print) which is quite a bit simpler and presumably a still earlier version.
Maggie Lauder D K3,23 "Highland Schottische".
Maid of Islay F
Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984)
Maids of Islay, The A K2,5 Same as The MAID of Islay.
Major Graham D K1,13
By Niel Gow. Aka Major Graham of Inchbrakie. Recordings: Fiddlers Three Plus Two (n.d.)
Major Mole Am K1,19 Originally called Major Molle by Andrew Gow. Aka Major Malley. Recordings: The Battlefield Band, Home Is Where the Van Is (1980)
Marchioness of Huntly I A K2,7
By Wm Marshall
Marchioness of Huntly, The II C K2,13 (2nd Setting)
Marquis of Huntly I D K1,6 See Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling.
Marquis of Huntly II Gm K1,13
By William Marshall. Either named after Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-1827), or his son George, 5th Duke (1770-1836) (Marshall worked for the Gordons most of his life, from about 1760 till 1822 when he retired).
Marquis of Huntly's Farewell A K1,8
By William Marshall. See note on the Marquis of Huntly above.
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling D K6,51
NG: Composed by George Jenkins. The Irish reel The Flax In Bloom has its origin in this tune, although the parts are reversed.
Marquis of Lorn G K4,13 In Ireland this is known as McDermott's No.2, The Marquis of Larne, The Sligo Fancy, The Green Fields of Antrim and The Flowers of Antrim. Also similar to The Middle Island Hornpipe.
Master Francis Sitwell Bb K2,23 By Nath Gow (biog).
May Day D K4,7
Merry Makers Schottische G K1,46
"Schottische". By J Coutts.
Miller of Drone, The A K1,18
Claimed by Nathaniel Gow, but appeared in print before he published it. Possibly by John Pringle. It's known in Cape Breton as Christie Campbell, in Ireland as The Miller of Draughin (or Drohan or Droghan), and in the US as Grey Eagle. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)
Miss Betsy Robertson G K5,13
Miss Campbell Monzies D K3,3
Miss Clementina Drummond A K3,13
Miss Crawford's Strathspey A K1,15 By A McAlpin.
Miss Drummond of Perth Am K1,6 Recordings: Various, Melodeon Greats (1978); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Miss Drummond of Perth Am K7,12
Miss Gibson II Gm K3,22
Miss Hope D K4,9
Miss Jenny Guthrie A K2,8
Miss Lucy Campbell D K3,4
Miss Lyall I Am K1,5 Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings (1978); Various, Atlantic Fiddles (Ashley MacIsaac); Sprangeen (1984); Fiddler's Rally - Mod (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Miss Lyall I Am K7,15
Miss MacKenzie, Gairloch Am K1,7
Miss Montgomery A K4,3
Miss Rose A K2,6
Miss Ross Bb K2,23
Miss Stewart A K1,15 By Niel Gow.
Miss Susan Campbell Monzies D K3,3
Miss Trotter A K2,7 By James McIntosh
Miss Young C K3,15
Monymusk G K2,14
Original name Sir Archibald Grant of Moneymusk's Reel and composed by Perthsire fiddler Donald Dow. This is a widespread tune, known all over Ireland and the US. Aka Highland Fling
Mother Kilwinning Eb K3,22 By Carl Volti (biog).
Mr Douglas Of Springwood Park G K2,16
Mr Eagers A K3,12
Mr James George C K3,16
Mr Lumsden F K2,22 By Wm Marshall
Mr Webster D K3,6
Mr William Davidson A K3,12 By Joseph Lowe
Mrs Baird of Newbyth C K2,12
Mrs Brodie Sheriff of Battlebent's G K2,20 By G Rankin
Mrs Christie C K3,17
Mrs Garden of Troup F K2,21 Stan Reeves: Troup head is a headland out into the north sea between Banff and Fraserburgh on the borders of Banff and Buchan counties. Its the headland forming the west side of Pennan bay which is where they filmed 'Local Hero'. The next town is Gardenstown, so obviously she was a local bigheidit toff, who the composer was trying to sook up to in hope of currying favour and getting a few bob, in the grand auld Scots style. It was composed by Robert Petrie (1767-1830) of Kirkmichael not far fae Moulin, Perthshire. Recordings: The Battlefield Band, Home Is Where the Van Is (1980); Fiddles Galore (1976)
Mrs General Campbell C K2,10
Mrs Grant of Lagan C K1,16 Related to the popular tune Miss Lyall.
Mrs MacKenzie F K2,21
Mrs MacKenzie of Applecross I A K3,11 By Jos Lowe
Mrs Moray,Abercairny I D K2,19 By Niel Gow.
Mrs Oliphant of Condie's G K2,14
Mrs R Donaldson G K3,8 By Hugh Dunlop
Mrs Ramsay Em K1,18 Aka Mrs Ramsay of Barnton.
Mrs Wright G K3,10 By Niel Gow. Aka Mrs Wright of Laton.
My Ain Lassie D K4,7
My Boy Tammy G K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Neil Gow A K7,12
Neil Gow's Second Wife Gm K7,11 By McLaren. Recordings: Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Niel Gow A K2,4 D Macintyre
Niel Gow A K7,12 Aka Neil Gow.
Niel Gow's Recovery C K2,13 By Niel Gow. Recordings: Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Niel Gow's Second Wife Gm K7,11 Aka Neil Gow's Recovery. Recordings: Ron Gonella, A Tribute to Niel Gow
Niel Gow's Wife Gm K1,13 By Duncan McIntyre (although at least one collection attributes it to Niel Gow himself). This tune, along with Jenny's Bawbee and Louden's Bonnie Woods, is played as The Shamrock and Thistle Highlands by Donegal fiddler Danny O'Donnell. It's also played as a reel in Ireland under the name The Watchmaker.
North Bridge of Edinburgh, The Bm K3,6
North of the Grampians C K2,11 By Capt Simon Fraser
Old Strathspey F K3,19
Orange and Blue D K1,20
Aka Brochan Lom. There is a 6/8 version of this tune in K2,37. Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975); Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than An Orchestra (1977); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to the Clans (1977)
Pay As You Go C K2,9
Perthshire Volunteers A K2,3
Printed by the Gows, but in a less irregular rhythm.
Peter Bailie G K1,18 Possibly named after (or even composed by) Pate Baillie (1774-1841), a celebrated fiddler from Loanhead, outside Edinburgh. This tune is also called The Lonach Highland Fling.
Philabeg C K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Port A Bhodaich A K1,16
Rabbie Burns G K4,12
Rannoch Lodge A K2,5
Recovery, The D K1,11 Also has the title Madam Frederick, and was composed by William Marshall.
Red, Red Rose, The D K3,6
Riddrie A K4,6
Rinettans Daughter C K2,9
Rob an Lugi A K2,8 Aka Blair Drummond (Gow, Bremner, etc)
Rob Ralston's Strathspey D K2,20 By Hugh Dunlop
Robert Menzies A K2,6
Rose Among the Heather D K1,20
Recordings: Golden Fiddle Awards (1976); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976)
Rothiemurchie's Rant C K1,11
Aka Rothermurches Rant or Rothermurchus Rant. Originally published in Donald Grant's Collection of c1790, this tune has also been known as Grant's Strathspey. It survives in Ireland where it is known by the unlikely title of The Graf Spee (a WW2 battleship; I can easily imagine how "Grant's Strathspey". was misheard, or mispronounced). Recordings: Angus Chisholm, Early Recordings (1978)
Rothiemurchus Rant C K7,19 See Rothiemurchie's Rant.
Rowan Tree A K3,23 "Highland Schottische".
Ru'glen Lums F K3,19
Salmon Tails Up the Water A K2,7
Sanders Brane Dm K1,14
Sandy Buchanan C K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Sanny Speirs G K4,12 By A M Volti
Schichallion C K2,9
Schottische I G K1,46
"Highland Schottische".
Schottische II G K2,51 "Highland Schottische". By Carl Volti (biog).
Schottische III D K3,51 "Highland Schottische".
Scotch Mist I C K3,16
Scotch Mist II D K4,10
Scotchman In America, The G K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Scotland Yet D K4,7
Scots Wha Hae D K3,24 Aka Hey Tuttie Tattie.
Shean Trews G K6,8
Sir Archibald Dunbar D K2,18
Sir James Baird A K1,16 Aka Sir James Baird's Favourite.
Sir James Douglas D K3,4 by Matthew Gow
Sir John Malcolm D K4,8
Smith's a Gallant Fireman D
Originally known as Carrick's Rant. In O'Neill's DMI as More Luck to Us. Recordings:
Various, The Caledonian Companion (1975)
Somebody D K4,7
Source of Spey, The G K3,9 Recordings: Ossian, St Kilda Wedding (1978)
South of the Grampians A K1,12
This tune turned up in Ireland, played by Tommy Peoples as an untitled Highland. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976); The Battlefield Band, At the Front (1978); Glasgow Caledonians (1980); Various, Scottish Fiddlers to the Fore (1970); Golden Fiddle Awards (1978)
Sporting Jamie D K4,10
Stewart Tartan A K3,24 "Highland Schottische".
Stewart's Lassie G K3,9
Stilly Night, The A K3,12
Stirling Castle D K1,4
Aka Grey Daylight. Recordings: Various, Melodeon Greats (1978); The Battlefield Band, At the Front (1978); Scottish Fiddlers, Kelvin Hall II (1976)
Stormont Lads, The G K1,10
Strathspey A K3,11 By Peter Bailie.
Struan Robertson's Rant Em K1,5
Stumpie A
Aka Butter'd Pease (Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances). Altan play this and call it The Rosses Highland. Recordings: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Tam O'Shanter (1984); Dundee S&R Soc (1981)
Summer Days A K4,6
Susie Brodie G K2,16
Sutherland A K4,4
Sweet Molly Em K4,15
Thack Cottage, The Bb K3,22
There Grows a Bonnie Brier A K3,24
Thistle, The A K1,19 "Highland Schottische". Aka The Bonnie Brier.
Thorn Bush A K2,8 By James Fraser
Three a Penny D K4,11
Tigh Eachainn G K2,16
To Daunton Me Em K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Tullochgorum G K1,10
Tweeddale Club, The D K1,17 By Nathaniel Gow (biog).
Up An' Waur Them A' Willie G K3,8
Waking o' the Fauld G K1,7 ABC. Aka The Waulking o' the Fauld and My Peggy Is a Young Thing. In the US it's played as Paddy On the Turnpike (which relates it to Irish reels The Bunch of Keys and Flowers of Limerick, and in Scotland The Old Reel or Cairngorm Brooch).
Weaver Has a Dochter,The Bb K3,21
Wee Nannie D K4,10
Wee Pug, The G K4,12
Wee Sammy A K4,5
Welcome To Your Feet Again D K1,13
West Adam St Club D K2,24 "Highland Schottische".
Wha' Widna Fecht For Charlie G K2,15
Aka Wha Saw the Forty Second?.In English Morris dance circles it's known as The March Past, while in Ireland it's been found as Din tarrant's No.5.
What's A' the Steer G K1,20 Aka Steer Kimmer. Steer = stir, be in a bustle, go about in a confused, harassed way; Kimmer = cummer, a gossip, a midwife, or a married woman. I would translate this title as "What's all this nonsense, woman?"
Whisky Welcome Back Again Bb K2,23 By Niel Gow.
Whistle O'er the O't G K1,11 Attributed to the Braemar composer John Bruce (1720-85). Played as a polka called Maggie Pickins in Ireland. Recordings: James F Dickie's Delights (1976); Various, The Fiddler's Companion (1980); Scottish Fiddlers, Welcome to Edinburgh (1976); Strings of Scotland (1975)
Wife She Brewed It, The D K5,13 Recordings:Fife Strathspey and Reel Soc., The Fiddle Sounds of Fife (1980)
Wild Roses G K4,14
Willie Cook A K2,5 By Carl Volti (biog).
Willie Duncan C K2,12
Willie Shaw D K1,3
Willie Was a Wanton Wag D K4,9
Willie Winkie Dm K2,22
Winter Night Schottische C K2,50
Within a Mile A K2,24 "Highland Schottische". Aka Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon. Said to have been composed by James Hook.
Yoe, The G K4,13
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